Alexandria In Ruin

Inflammation Alexandria In Ruin

Inflammation | Recommended Gametype: “Winter Contingency”

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“Alexandria in Ruin” is an inflammation map built around the gametype “Winter Contingency”, an Invasion-Infection crossover where ‘survivors’ are UNSC Spartans and the ‘infected’ are campaign-like Covenant forces.

In “Alexandria in Ruin”, a Covenant cruiser has gained unchecked air superiority of the city of Alexandria, and a surviving squad of Spartans must race to their local evac point. For phase 1, Spartans attempt to unlock a door leading to a transport vehicle bay while Covenant Spirits land heavily shielded Zealots to stop them. For phase 2, Spartan survivors must use the warthogs from the vehicle bay to race across a massive skybridge to their evac point. Be wary during this phase, as Covenant banshees, ghosts, and infantry will attempt to intercept the convoy of survivors, and the losses are usually heavy! For phase 3, surviving Spartans must find their way to the top of the skyscraper at the end of the skybridge, where they will have to fend off massive waves of Covenant infantry & dodge wraith artillery fire until the evac pelican is ready for takeoff. This was my first map made using the “scale” feature, and with the constant Covenant bombings & glassing, is highly atmospheric! This map is one of my favorites and requires good teamwork to reliably succeed.
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Unique Map Features
  • The Covenant relentlessly bomb & glass the city during gameplay, providing uniquely blinding aesthetics and atmosphere. A very moody & dangerous map!
  • The phase 2 skybridge is a fast and dangerous vehicle-based journey. Be wary of banshees, which are unable to be piloted or boarded by survivors in this map, so do not board them! Your only hope lies at the end of the bridge.
  • Phase 3 offers an extremely cinematic holdout point for the survivors, and Covenant wraiths will appear on nearby skyscraper rooftops. While their artillery fire will first appear harmless, players will soon dial-in the correct firing arc, and your friends will laugh at you when a hard-earned victory slips from your grasp into the cold, merciless plasma fire of a wraith shot.
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Recommended Gametype

I built this map specifically for the gametype “Winter Contingency” by Rabid MagicMan. This gametype can be found on the fileshares of both “Rabid MagicMan” and “Mr Dr Milk” within the Halo Master Chief Collection (MCC).

Both the Map and the recommended Gametype, "Winter Contingency", can be found on the fileshares of either "Rabid MagicMan” or “Mr Dr Milk"
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