Competitive Bastion

Bastion 2

My Invasion Magnum Opus.
So this map has been in progress for approaching two years now, testing and refining this map with the playtesters of The Anvil has been the greatest journey of all and I am pleased to finally share this map on the site. If you want to jump straight into the map then head to the bottom of this post for all the details.

Humble Beginnings

The vision of this map was to create a competitive invasion map on a canvas that was left untouched due to it’s restrictive geometry. Instead of trying to fight this, the forging here is blended into the map geometry, leaving as much untouched as possible. The key throughout the forging process was to identify areas which could support a forged structure without clipping from a random rock or tree.

The first task was to decide where the core building was going to be situated. I essentially only had two choices, by the waterfall or by the shoreline on the east or west of the map. Whilst the shoreline looked promising I decided against it due to the presence of the large crashed ship which would be more restrictive to forge around. So the waterfall was selected and so naturally the lagoon area would be the location for phase one.

Bastion has always followed this core layout but from here my library of map versions splinter. For example, this map has been tested as: an Elite Offense monstrocity, TTC Phase Layout, Nose Gun Falcon with its Nose Gun removed through gametype scripting. This dosent even begin to describe the multiple complete aesthetic overhauls of the map, who remembers Covenant Worms?

A Brief Walkthrough

So lets dive into what you can expect to play through when you load up this map, I'll be describing the map from the perspective of Elite Offense as well as dropping in some useful tips for the attack.

Phase 1​

"Get to your pods Brothers!"
Elites spawn in the lagoon on a elevated platform that will serve as their vehicle bay for the rest of the round. The right fireteam is tasked with assaulting the forerunner structure and securing a data pad territory, Elites will often use the camo loadout and sneak up the very right hand side to push behind defenders and disrupt spawns.

Additionally there is a ramp which provides a little spawn room for elites to set up a right push. Mid team is given a needle rifle and should leverage the bridge and any highground to plink at defenders rotating between objectives and aid pushing elites.

Finally left team often selects the evade loadout and aggressively push the left bunker to create a very strong spawn hive from which the left territory can be captured.

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Phase 2​

"Their AA guns are down! Deploy the wraith and burn their mongrel hides!"
Elites in Phase two gain access to a wraith and ghost. Using similar strategies to breakpoint, the bomb carrier can "surf" the wraith over the main middle hill or go all the way around the back cave and assault the left objective from behind. It is important to note that unlike BTB, this tempest map opens up the caves to allow for some interesting warthog / ghost plays.

Left fireteam should try to capture and hold the bunker covering the big rock shown in the figure below, this will like their previous round provide a strong postion from which they can jump down to the bomb plant.

Right team will typically choose to move through the caves and use the high bridge to stick to the edge of the cliffs and assult the upper terrace above the right objective. Mid team often diverts to the other two fire teams or holds forwards and engages the area directly infront of the right objective.

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Phase 3​

"Requesting a Phantom Brother, the enemies core is exposed. Victory is in sight!"
Finally in phase 3, the weapon sandbox is opened up for elites. The focus rifle and plasma launcher become avaliable for the left and mid team respectively. Selecting the jetpack and grabbing the plasma launcher can be an effective counter to the scorpion which the spartans now have access to. The focus rifle player can sit in the two bunkers in the elites spawn and harass any players on the upper terrace.

The banshee is now available and the pilot should use the conveniently placed hole in the top of the core building to flush out any defenders camping the core spawn. Once an elite has managed to grab the core, make sure the spartans don't roll the tank over the core and lock you out from capping!

Work together and coordinate as a team to support he core carrier over the hill toward the crashed shortsword where a phantom dropship awaits to end the round!

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So thats about it! As i close out this post i have to give a massive thank you to all the members of this community that have contributed to this project in so many ways. In particular I have to shout out AbleSir Thomas, N0mnom321 and CleanserOfNoobs for the co-forge sessions deep into the night which molded this map and turned myself into invasion theorist.

General Trex, Thank you for the putting up with my nagging for objects to be spawned in with assembly. Trustysn00ze, gave us the invasion gamemode and personally gave me a nose gun removing gamemode for which i am thankful.

To the core group of invasion playtesters you know who you are, those gamenight testing lobbies were a saving grace through COVID and are the undisputed highlight of my time with halo.

Details & Trivia

Following are a list of details quickly summarising my map.
Attacking Side: EO
Phases: TTC
Vehicles: Banshee, Ghost, Wraith, Warthog (defualt and rocket), Scorpion
Weapons: Focus Rifle, Plasma Launcher, Rockets, Shotgun, Turrets, Target Locator, Sniper.

Remember this map can be found on my fileshare GT: A1ex W

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