Cyber Street

Free Roam Cyber Street

🌆 Fight in the streets of a cyberpunk city block 🌆

Cyber Street takes place in a large block within a cyberpunk style city. It features many buildings, a center square and a large road surrounding the perimeter.

This map was originally being made for The Anvil Halloween infection map contest for MCC

Part way through its creation I decided to make it compatible with a multitude of gametypes aside from infection

The map works with special gametypes "Sewer Rats" and "Cyber King" as well as Anvil infection,koth,flag,bomb,slayer and FFA.

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Fight in the city streets, or in the center square which connects it all together

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Play with any anvil game mode up to 16 players!




-On the main menu for Halo The Master Chief Collection, open your "Roster"

-Select your gamertag
-Select "Find Player"
-Search for me: Mr Metai Man (Yes, that is an i)
-Open my file share and download the map "Cyber Street" and the gametypes "Sewer Rats", "Cyber King" and any other "Anvil" gametypes located there
(And download other maps while you're there too, quality stuff to be found)

Halo: Reach Icon Infection
Mr Metal Man
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Halo: Reach
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Supported Gametypes (Infection)
  1. Infection
  2. Other
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