Downhill Jam!

Downhill Jam!

🚛 Race to the bottom in a semi while your teammate balances on the back! 🚛


Downhill Jam! Is a multi-team KOTH mini-game in which one player drives a semi down a track, dodging hazards along the way. At the same time, their teammate must balance on the truck bed, while engaging in Needler fights with the passengers from other trucks.

It is meant for teams of 2 only, and up to 16 players total!


Halo Reach multi=team games can be a bit cumbersome to set up (balancing teams) & It does not work well in the custom games browser


Each team spawns in a pod that includes 1 semi. After 30 seconds, a pickup truck will also spawn in each pod. You cannot be a passenger in any vehicle; therefore, it forces the players to have 1 person driving, and one balancing on either vehicle. You can also jump into other players pods to fight, or steal their vehicles as well.

The main hazard of the map, besides falling off, is the fact you can't just jump to the bottom. There is a soft kill boundary on the track if you fall off your semi.


As you can see, there are many speed bumps along the way. They may send the semi flying off the edge or launch the passenger into the air if they aren't careful.


In the middle of the race, there is a fusion coil on each track. Go over it slowly, fast, or just let your teammate shoot it for you.

Before the final descent, there is a moving kill ball, and some balls to slow you down. Be careful, those soccer balls are surprisingly one of the biggest hazards!


The end of the track sees a final jump into the hill. Hold it for 20 seconds to win the round.

-On the main menu for Halo The Master Chief Collection, open your "Roster"
-Select your gamertag
-Select "Find Player"
-Search for me: Mr Metai Man (Yes, that is an i)
-Open my file share and download the map "Downhill Jam!" and the gametype "Rough Riders"
(And download other stuff while you're there too, quality maps to be found)
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