Facility Breached

Facility Breached

Inflammation | Recommended Gametype: “Winter Contingency”

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“Facility Breached” is an inflammation map built around the gametype “Winter Contingency”, an Invasion-Infection crossover where ‘survivors’ are UNSC Spartans and the ‘infected’ are campaign-like Covenant forces.

In “Facility Breached”, a squad of Spartans find themselves in a UNSC base facility recently found, and breached, by Covenant troops. For phase 1, Spartans must travel through a contested vehicle transport tunnel to reach an elevator room. While Covenant troops usually use this phase to hunt survivors trapped in the vehicle transport tunnel, Spartans will have their backs to the wall while enabling the elevator, and will be extremely vulnerable to focused attacks by Covenant Ultras. For phase 2, Spartans travel down the elevator and through various hallways to a large reactor chamber room to start activating a light bridge. During this phase, Covenant infantry will begin a focused attack from two directions against Spartan survivors and attempt to cut-off their route to a nearby hangar bay. For phase 3, any remaining Spartans must cross the light bridge to reach the hangar bay, where they must hold off an unending wave of Elites & Grunts and pilot either a Falcon or Saber to escape the facility. This map is extremely cinematic and remains one of my all-time favorites. It requires great teamwork to reliably succeed.

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Unique Map Features
  • Whilst this map was made before the “scale” feature was available, it remains one of my most cinematic. The gameplay is suspiciously top-tier and movie-like!
  • Phase 2 of this map offers a massive quantity of explosions and falling debris which may or may not crush Covenant Elites easily. If you find yourself in an extremely hairy situation, look up!
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Recommended Gametype

I built this map specifically for the gametype “Winter Contingency” by Rabid MagicMan. This gametype can be found on the fileshares of both “Rabid MagicMan” and “Mr Dr Milk” within the Halo Master Chief Collection (MCC).

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Both the map and the recommended gametype, "Winter Contingency", can be found on the fileshares of either "Rabid MagicMan" or "Mr Dr Milk"
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Mr Dr Milk
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Halo: Reach
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Supported Gametypes (Infection)
  1. Inflammation
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I really really love this map. It's not as utterly jaw-dropping as many of Milk's other maps, but it is SO damn fun. It's the perfect chaos machine despite being a linear map; it has so many variables like different initial spawn locations, a warthog which can be claimed by either the Spartans or the elites, and elevator-dropped or explosion-propelled heavy debris like crates and vehicle husks which can land in different spots each round to provide cover or hazards. Somehow, every round plays differently and something hilarious or unexpected always winds up happening!
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