Frontier - Halo Wars Inspired Battlefield

Not Xbox Compatible Frontier - Halo Wars Inspired Battlefield

This map is inspired by the map Frontier from Halo Wars 2. While it is no where even close to being an exact replica, it takes many ideas from it.

This mod includes a ton of custom made vehicles from Halo Wars or other Halo games.

It is recommended you play with a large lobby. All map testing has been done with 16 players.

Some of the content:
- New Covenant Vehicles (Vampire, Goblin, Locust, etc.)
- New Banished Vehicles (Banshee, Ghost, Marauder)
- New UNSC Vehicles (Jackrabbit, Cobra, Sparrowhawk, etc.)
- Halo Wars 1 and 2 Bases and Structures

Unfinished content:
- Forge menu is unfinished due to the map being setup prior. It is meant to be an install and play kind of mod rather than having to make your own map.
- Most vehicles do not have their own unique entry/hijack strings.
- Map could probably use more touching up.

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