Do you love Get Out of My House? Have you ever wished there was a bit more variety? I know I have! Of course maps such as Villa, Apartment etc exist but I was always left wanting more. I also felt that most of these maps have a lot of issues such as people constantly getting stuck in doorways, lack of cover for zombies, map being not elite friendly etc so I decided to make my own map.

Humans (and elites) will start within a pretty open courtyard. Despite this, many humans tend to die here. Zombie teleporters spawn on each side which will force humans to move deeper into the castle once the door opens. The door is set to open after roughly 30 seconds.


The next room they will enter is the dining hall. Zombies will have 2 shielded entrances to enter from along with some cover. Humans must hold down this position for roughly 75 seconds. A chandelier will light up to signal when it is time to go.

Dining hall

Screenshot 2022 10 09 054059

The next room is the throne room. This room is much more defendable than the previous places.


Defend the throne room and wait for the door to open at roughly 120 seconds. A light will once again signal when it is time to get out of there.

Screenshot 2022 10 09 055642

It is important to not to linger for too long! Shield walls and teleporters will eventually spawn in each room to make it unfavourable for humans. Once the door opens it is highly recommended you get out of there to avoid being swarmed!

As you leave the throne room you will find yourself within a narrow tunnel. You will have to push a crate out of the way to escape through a secret passage way. You must act quickly as they will be right behind you!

Screenshot 2022 10 09 060521

As you move through the passage way you will find yourself below the castle within a cave-like area. You need to get through this area to escape. The zombies will be right behind you so watch out!

Screenshot 2022 10 09 060811

Once you're out of the castle steal a horse and escape!!!!

Screenshot 2022 10 09 061313

Flee to a more defendable position and see how long you can last!

Screenshot 2022 10 09 061526

As you can see this map is heavily inspired by Get Out of My House and it can be played with the very same game mode. I tried my best to remove any silly camping spots within the castle and in forge world by using cover, teleporters and kill boundaries. Because of this it should play a LOT more smoothly compared to the original.

Here is a video of how it plays

Overall I had a lot of fun making this map. I also had a lot of fun testing it today with all the random beautiful people who decided to check this out along with my other maps. Thanks for reading!

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