Xbox Compatible ggQuarantine

PVE based zombies mode
it has lots and lots of options & features, making the mode super flexible for any AI zombie related modes

the "objective" of this mode is to beat the infected, where you progress through 'hotspots' clearing them out as you go
As a side objective, you dont respawn (unless specified otherwise in the script options), so you must also survive while taking on the infected
it features
- dumb AI zombies (as in they dont pathfind, but they try their best)
- holdout objectives (with linear progression)
- player revival system
- wall buys & store system
- dynamic zombie spawning system
- dynamic zombie & player balancing
- zombie types (spartan, elite, monitor, fast, climber)
- full AI team support (so they can work with/against players)
- early (x33) scaling & shadows
- purchasable doors/blockades
- AI destructible objects
- spectator mode for dead/downed players
- Infected players (alpha & non alpha zombies)
- invasion gating system (having objects spawn/despawn based on hotspots completed)

some of the scalable features:
- wave refresh timer
- zombies min/max count
- zombies to clear to complete hotspots
- zombie health, damage & speed
- zombie balancing (which can be tied to hotspots completed, players in game, or both)
- starting points & points per kill
- number of objectives or none/unlimited

maps & mode are also on my fileshare: GT"Gamergotten"

for a walkthough of the entirety of the gamemode, you can view the original upload here:
and for archival purposes, it has all also been uploaded here: modes/ggQuarantine
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