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This map is basically Speed but vertical. Play with game type "Jetpack or Die!". This game type is best played with at least eight people.

This version of Infection uses safe havens. The havens make you invincible and if you get a kill inside it you get an extra point. Gravity is designed as a particle accelerator where vehicles are accelerated at your face at the speed of light.


Speed has been a big inspiration of mine when it comes to forging since it came out. For years I've conceived of making a version of it where the vehicles travel straight down and humans with jet packs must dodge. Now that 343 has added new objects into forge this game mode is now possible.

Both humans and zombies start out in the cells in the left and right.

Zombies spawn on the top floor, and humans spawn in the bottom. Humans are colored orange to stand out against the blue water and sky, while zombies are blue to help them blend in.

Humans have the chance to grab either a target locator or a spartan laser before jumping into the main chamber.

All humans spawn with a plasma launcher, the projectiles of which will bounce around the inside of the main chamber forever until they hit something. Zombies must grab a vehicle to be able to leave the cell spawn, but some zombies will respawn in the human spawn or on the upper ring, allowing them to take on humans in person.

Both humans and zombies have infinite clip and infinite jetpack. This allows players to fly up through the main chamber at almost equal speeds as the falling vehicles. To counter this there are multiple custom power ups that will cause you to be dragged back down like a rock.

This map represents thousands of hours of work, at least three tried and failed maps, and the culmination of all my love for Halo Reach custom games. I guarantee you'll have fun playing this map so please give it a download and consider donating so that I can continue to spend time making modes for Halo.

Supported Game Types: (*Compatible with MCC Custom Browser*)
-Jetpack or Die!

How to Download on PC
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How to download on XBOX

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