Halo 3 Mythic Overhaul (Campaign)

Not Xbox Compatible Halo 3 Mythic Overhaul (Campaign)



Manual installation
Backing up the vanilla maps
First, locate your maps folder under "Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo3\maps". Make a backup of all the campaign maps (starting with 005_intro and ending with 130_epilogue) so that you can always revert to the default maps.
Backing up the vanilla sound files
First, locate your maps folder under "steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo3\fmod\pc". Make a backup of the "sfx.fsb" and "sfx.fsb.info".
Installing the mod
This last part is pretty simple, in your "Halo The Master Chief Collection" folder just drag the "halo3" folder from the mod into your game's folder and replace all of the files.

Alright so I know there are tons of campaign rebalances out on the nexus but I want this mod to be more than just a rebalance. This is only the campaign portion of what I want to achieve with this mod. Most of the changes and additions I've made to this mod will work as a base for everything I make in the future. So after I overhaul Halo 3's mp, odst's campaign, and firefight I want to make some custom levels and scenarios using the changes and additions I've made to my "Mythic Overhaul". I also plan on releasing a few tag packs of the stuff that I've made at some point in the future.

Breakdown of the mod's features

General ammo packs for the UNSC and Covenant can be found throughout the levels.

A complete rework of the weapons sandbox
New weapons

  • UNSC Knife
  • Jackal Shield
  • CE Magnum
  • H2A Magnum
  • Reach Magnum
  • Mangler
  • Sidekick
  • H2A replacement for the Plasma Pistol
  • CE Assault Rifle
  • H2A replacement for the Assault Rifle
  • Grenade Launcher variant of the H2A Assault Rifle
  • Reach Assault Rifle
  • H2A replacement for the Battle Rifle
  • H2A Tactical Battle Rifle
  • Reach DMR
  • MA5K
  • Focus Rifle
  • Needle Rifle
  • Plasma Repeater
  • Brute Plasma Repeater
  • Pulse Plasma Repeater
  • H2A Shotgun
  • Reach replacement for the shotgun
  • H2A replacement for the sniper rifle
  • H2A Machine Gun
  • Reach Plasma Launcher
  • H4 Railgun
  • Reach Concussion Rifle
  • H4 Saw
  • Hunter Assault Cannon
  • Hunter Pulse Cannon
  • Commando
  • Covenant Portable Turret H2A
  • Reach Grenade Launcher
  • Proto-Plasma Caster variant for the Concussion Rifle
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • H2A replacement for the carbine
  • H2A replacement for the SMG and Silenced SMG

A complete rework of vehicle driving and firing behaviors
New vehicles

  • Spectre
  • Wasp
  • Overall speed of ground vehicles was turned up slightly
  • Warthog and prowler turrets can now overheat
  • AA Wraith is now balanced for player use

A complete rework of character ai and ranks
New enemies

  • Jackal Skirmishers
  • Hostile Elites
New ranks
  • Bugger major, ultra, and captain major
  • Grunt spec ops, ultra shielded, assault, and assault shielded
  • Hunter major and pulse
  • Brute tracker and jumppack major
  • Jackal ultra
  • Skirmisher minor, major, assault, commando, and champion
  • Elite minor, major, ultra, spec ops, stealth, zealot, and commander
  • ODST Captain
  • Sentinel major
  • Flood elite minor, major, ultra, spec ops, stealth, zealot, and commander
  • Flood brute minor, major, ultra, captain, captain major, captain ultra, jumppack minor, jumppack major, tracker, stalker, chieftain armor, and chieftain weapon

A complete rework of equipment balancing

  • Various grenade buffs and nerfs
  • Some equipment can now hold two charges
  • Various buffs and nerfs to throwable equipment
  • Bubble Shield is now destructible
  • Healthpack Equipment
  • Ammopack Equipment

New Easter Eggs
Throughout the levels I've added a few easter eggs that range from funny decals to full-blown hidden weapons that you can pick up and use.
The two major weapon easter eggs that you want to keep an eye out for are the Halo Infinite tank gun and a goldeneye inspired golden gun found on the Tsavo Highway and The Storm respectively.

A full list of changes can be found in the readme section of the mod page

Shoutout to my patreon supporters and contributors


Halo Infinite Hud - Krevil
Halo Reach AR Model - VKMT
Halo CE Magnum - VKMT
Halo 3 Combi Grunts - Calantorn
Plasma Launcher - Kashiimaaa
DMR FP Animations - Kev#8096
MA5K Model - Mackaye99
Spectre - Vuthakral
Wasp - Ywingpilot2
Halo 3 Icon Game Modifications
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