Halo 4 Reflow

Halo 4 Reflow

Reflow aims to overhaul Halo 4 to enhance your experience of the game as much as possible. Overbearing visuals have been dialed back, enemies are more fun to fight, the combat sandbox has been tuned for satisfaction, and the overall presentation has been improved with various enhancements and quality-of-life changes.

For the best experience, it is highly recommended that you set Halo 4's graphics to Enhanced in the MCC Settings menu, under Video.
If you find the weapons too large on-screen, remember you can modify the weapon offsets in the Gameplay tab under Settings!

For the Halo 4 campaign, you have 3 choices of HUD available:
  • Helmetless (my recommendation, similar to Spartan Ops and MP)
  • Clean (minimal HUD similar to H1/H2)
  • Vanilla (original HUD with visible helmet)

The full set of Spartan Ops missions is also available to play with Reflow!

6.0 change list:

Graphics/presentation changes

  • Bloom, contrast and exposure have been adjusted to prevent distracting adjustments during gameplay, but still provide a visually appealing image.
  • Lens flare effects are reconfigured, with the most annoying and distracting effects removed.
  • Godrays (rays of light) are reduced in most scenes.
  • Fog tint and density is adjusted in a few areas.
  • Many visual effects, objects and light sources now render farther than before, making scenes feel more dense and also fixing some visual bugs.
  • Some buggy visual effects are now hidden or fixed.
  • Many light sources now cast shadows and are configured to enhance detail in scenes.
  • Awful screen obscuring effects, such as during the Ghost escape sequence on Forerunner, are removed.
  • Screen flashes from Promethean deaths are greatly reduced.
  • Cutscene vignettes (darkened corners) are removed.
  • Effects from projectile impacts are larger and more visible.
  • All characters produce more blood overall when shot.
  • A few audio bugs are fixed.

Enemy/AI changes

  • All enemy shield strength and health is reconfigured to account for rebalanced damage and reduce "bullet-sponginess".
  • For Spartan Ops, health and damage is scaled to help accommodate solo play.
  • Enemies will always ragdoll after death animations and have a higher chance of dropping grenades.
  • Enemy snipers cause less damage and should be less annoying on higher difficulties.
  • Elites & Knights have modified AI to be more aggressive, responsive and evasive.
  • Elites treat Storm Rifles as fully automatic weapons and utilize them for suppressive fire.
  • Grunts and Jackals react more to consecutive hits.
  • Hunters have more health and hesitate less between melee attacks.
  • Knights rarely teleport during combat, instead opting to leap and charge aggressively. (Sometimes the teleportation is scripted.)
  • Knights die in a more spectacular fashion, with a satisfying pop.
  • Watchers immediately start attempting to resurrect Knights and turrets, and have greatly reduced health.
  • Crawler snipers no longer use binary rifles, instead shooting combined Lightrifle shots.
  • Marine and Spartan AI stun less, are more accurate, react faster and should be more helpful in general. (Though in true Halo fashion, they sometimes tend to prove the opposite. Just how it goes.) They also have more health and heal much quicker.

Weapon changes

  • Bullet and plasma damage against shields, skin and vehicles is rebalanced to work with the new enemy shield strength and health.
  • All human weapons, the Needler, Carbine & Scattershot can carry and provide more ammo.
  • Taking damage now causes descope when zoomed in with a weapon, like previous games.
  • You can carry 3 of each grenade.
  • Pulse grenades repeatedly pull enemies and objects towards the center of the sphere, draining shields and exploding with massive damage.
  • Frag and plasma grenades have a larger explosion radius and effect.
  • Sticking an enemy with a plasma grenade is more of a guaranteed kill.
  • All Promethean weapons inflict plasma damage.
  • All Promethean weapons always use their initial pick-up animation when switching to them.
  • Boltshot projectiles have more range and dissolve enemies with headshots; the charged shot is quicker to fire.
  • Lightrifle can dissolve enemies with a combined (zoomed-in) headshot.
  • Suppressor has less overall spread and fires two projectiles per shot.
  • Scattershot fires 9 longer-lasting projectiles per shot and can hit more distant targets.
  • Binary Rifle bolts dissolve dead bodies.
  • Plasma Pistol only uses 1% energy per shot and charges a little quicker.
  • Plasma Pistol charge shot uses 1.5% energy per shot and less energy while holding. It now inflicts a small amount of damage as well.
  • Needler can supercombine vehicles and certain objects. Supercombines no longer damage the player. (Similar to CE)
  • Needle and Plasma Pistol projectile speeds are readjusted.
  • Concussion Rifle projectiles bounce and explode off surfaces, with more effective splash damage.
  • Storm Rifle is completely overhauled, with a different sound effect; it is now the Covenant equivalent of the AR, ideal for taking out shields and suppressing enemies.
  • Fuel Rod Cannon projectiles do not bounce off surfaces.
  • Gravity Hammer has a larger damage radius.
  • Magnum has less overall bloom.
  • Assault Rifle has slightly higher spread.
  • Battle Rifle has a beefier firing sound.
  • Shotgun has a much better range.
  • DMR has less overall bloom.
  • Saw LMG has higher spread.
  • Railgun fires immediately when charged up, reloads immediately after firing, and has a larger explosion.
  • Rocket Launcher tracks onto flying targets instantly and has a larger explosion.
  • Sticky Detonator grenades have a larger explosion.
  • Spartan Laser charges up faster.
  • Mounted turrets do not generate heat.
  • You move and look around more quickly when using a turret, mounted or detached.

Vehicle changes

  • Banshees, Scorpions, Pelicans and Wraiths all have more health, intended to be balanced with the new weapon damage.
  • Covenant watchtowers require less damage to take down.
  • Banshees are much easier to control and allow you to look fully up and down.
  • Banshees have an alternate, quieter engine sound when being piloted. (Using the Phantom's turbine sound as unfortunately there is no better sound effect available in-game.)
  • Banshee bomb takes less time to recharge and has more aim assist to help with hitting other flying vehicles.
  • Ghosts can turn quicker while boosting.
  • Wraith projectiles and explosions are visibly larger. (The actual damage radius has not changed.)
  • Warthog/Mammoth rockets create larger explosions.
  • Warthog is more stable and less easily flipped now.
  • Warthog Gauss cannon takes slightly less time to recharge.
  • The Mammoth no longer causes random damage while riding.
  • Scorpion moves a little faster. The main cannon takes slightly less time to recharge.
  • Scorpion cannon shots have a larger explosion radius and effect.
  • Scorpion does not cause collision damage against friendly AI. (No more accidentally running your troops over.)
  • Pelican chaingun does not heat up while firing.
  • Pelican laser cannon charges quicker and does twice as much damage.
  • Mantis shield recharges faster and is able to take more damage.
  • Mantis rockets are faster, cause larger explosions and take less time to charge up.
  • Mantis stomp has a larger damage radius.
  • Mantis takes less time to recover from EMP stun.
  • Broadsword look speed is increased, allowing you to change direction quicker while flying.
  • Broadsword strafes faster and has quicker response times while going in/out of boost.

Equipment/UX changes

  • You can sprint indefinitely, starting at full speed and able to turn at wider angles.
  • Taking damage while sprinting does not slow you down.
  • You have a bit more in-air momentum control.
  • Your shield begins recharging sooner but charges a little slower, taking the same total time to recharge as vanilla.
  • Melee attacks have more range and push enemies/objects further.
  • Weapon switch speed is different per-weapon, adjusted slightly faster or slower.
  • The on-screen hitmarker that appears when dealing damage is removed.
  • All equipment have adjusted energy drain and recharge rates, allowing them to be more viable and useful.
  • Active Camo fully cloaks you, and the fake radar blips are removed. Melee attacks and grenade throws do not penalize your camo.
  • Hardlight shield is toggled on and off. It no longer slows you down, and you can sprint with it out.
  • Promethean Vision is completely overhauled with a cleaner presentation and increased range.
  • Autoturret projectiles cause more damage.
  • Thruster pack keeps you in first person while allowing you to melee & use grenades in motion.
  • Hologram charges quicker, moves faster, and bounces around, which overall makes it much more useful.
  • All exploding barrels/coils have greatly reduced health and a larger explosion radius to make using them in combat more viable.
  • Forerunner barrels will dissolve bodies.
  • Covenant antennas explode and damage properly.

Campaign changes

Certain minor bits of dialogue have been altered or removed throughout the Campaign to enhance certain scenes and provide some breathing room.
  • Dawn starts with a new title card, and the floating pistol in the starting area has been replaced with Chief's Assault Rifle. The logo at the end is removed.
  • Requiem starts with barely any ammo and no side weapon, as you're supposed to grab supplies in the starting area.
  • Forerunner starts with an extra plasma grenade.
  • Reclaimer & Shutdown start with an AR as you are provided weapon crates at the beginning.
  • Composer starts with only an AR and 1 frag grenade. The armor ability room unlocked by the scientist contains camo and shield pickups.
  • Midnight starts with an AR as Chief was carrying it in the cutscene. You also start with 3 frag grenades and 1 pulse grenade.
  • Spartan Palmer has her helmet on at all times and doesn't say that line everyone hates.
  • Chapter title cards throughout the levels use a different and bigger font.
  • The video screen on your HUD is no longer present.
Feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated. I did several passes over the levels to make sure I didn't miss anything between them, but there is always the possibility of overlooking something. I tested and balanced this mod on Heroic. Let me know if anything isn't working right or doesn't feel right.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have fun!​
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  1. Spartan Ops is now available!

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