InfiniteProjects [Enable Hidden modes/maps!]

Not Xbox Compatible InfiniteProjects [Enable Hidden modes/maps!]


Modification of Halo Infinite files to enable hidden game modes.


After you are done with Fiddler, make sure to run "netsh winhttp reset proxy" in administrator CMD!


  • Step 1: Download Fiddler Classic []
  • Step 2: Delete everything in your /disk_cache/webcache/ directory in your install folder.
  • Step 3: Open an administrator command prompt and run "netsh winhttp set proxy]
  • Step 4: Run Fiddler.
  • Step 5: In Fiddler, go to tools < options, go to HTTPS, and enable "Decrypt HTTPS Traffic".
  • Step 6: Back in the main Fiddler window, go to the AutoResponder tab, and enable "Enable rules", "Accept all CONNECTs" and "Unmatched requests passthrough".
  • Step 7: Click on Add rule, and make a rule for "/hi/projects/. Respond with the XBOND file you downloaded on the repo.

  • Step 8: Run Halo Infinite and navigate to the custom games menu. You should now see the modes in the "343 Industries" menu.


Q: Why doesn't anything microsoft related work? [Game Bar, Microsoft Store]​

  • A: To fix this, go to WinConfig on the top left in Fiddler, press "Exempt All" and save.

Q: I can see the gamemodes, but when I press some they don't show up in the customs menu. Why?​

  • A: 343 often removes older gamemodes and maps, so if this issue is happening to you, use a newer projects file.

Q: How do you create a projects file?​

  • A: I decompile the gamemode/map manifest included with every Halo Infinite build, and edit them to turn them into a projects file using Infinite Variant Tool.


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