Jackknife Highway

Jackknife Highway

Invasion | Council’s Hand

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“Jackknife Highway” is a Spartan defense invasion map built for the gametype “Council’s Hand” by Rabid MagicMan, a heavily improved Covenant-offense invasion gametype.

Phase 1 pits up to eight Covenant Ghosts versus four or more UNSC Warthogs, and begins with the explosive clash of these light-armored patrols from both factions. The balance works surprisingly well! The Elite attackers push to establish a foothold near an overturned military semi-truck located at a tactically advantageous point on the Highway. In phase 2, Covenant forces violently push defenders back across the massive highway bridge which acts as a gateway to the small city-outpost. Once captured, Elites move on to phase 3 where they push into the city streets and alleyways to retrieve a data core, well guarded by UNSC tanks and Warthog patrols. This map was one of my earliest ever made and has remained a classic through the ages, as the gameplay seems to never disappoint. I recommend you play include this map in casual invasion playlists.
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Unique Map Features
  • Phase 1 begins with an explosive clash between eight Ghosts vs four Warthogs, and is always a highly chaotic, fast-attack battle!
  • UNDC defenders start the map equipped with nearly 16 Warthogs and one Scorpion, but nearly none of these vehicles ever respawn. Keeping your fleet of Warthogs alive and out of enemy hands is key to mounting an effective defense. On this map, every Warthog’s life is precious!
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Recommended Gametype

I built this map specifically for the gametype “Council’s Hand” by Rabid MagicMan. This gametype can be found on the fileshares of both “Rabid MagicMan” and “Mr Dr Milk” within the Halo Master Chief Collection (MCC).
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Both the map and the recommended gametype, "Council’s Hand", can be found on the fileshares of either "Rabid MagicMan” or “Mr Dr Milk"
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