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This map is an absolute masterpiece, arguably Milk's magnum opus. You'd be hard pressed to find another Forge World map which looks so distinctly non-Forge World; hardly a spec of forerunner grey, sea, or grass on the entire map. The gameplay is also pretty unique for a Winter Contingency map and fun too, especially when the infected elites get access to ghosts, wraiths and jetpacks in the wide open desert at the end. My absolute favourite thing to do on this map is to use a concussion rifle to splatter enemies with covenant crates in the tight corridors 😈🩸

P.S. Milk has kindly listed me as a co-forger, so I should point out that the forge work is all Milk. I just made the modded gametype (and added some features to it which are needed for this specific map).
For Gator in Aesthetic
When it comes to aesthetics and wacky game modes no one is better then X SL0TH X. This Gator represents just a peak at what sloth can do. This is extremely well made map and I personally think this is his best map yet. The theme for this really makes you believe that you are on a ship fighting the enemy team on some small islands at the same time fighting a Gator monster. Which is why I give this a 5 Stars.
  • Berb
  • 5.00 star(s)
Maybe my favourite inflammation map.

The use of scale on this map to make a believable covenant interior achieves something forgers have long dreamt of since 2010.

While not the longest or most complex in terms of gameplay, the Winter Contingency gametype makes up some of these shortcomings. Zombies will just come out of doors or down straight hallways rather than move through a more complex structure.

However, the design and obvious challenges involved in forging a huge convenant structure create a truly unique experience. If I had to recommend or put forward a map that best represented the achievements of the MCC community, this map would on that list.

Excellent work the both of you.
I really really love this map. It's not as utterly jaw-dropping as many of Milk's other maps, but it is SO damn fun. It's the perfect chaos machine despite being a linear map; it has so many variables like different initial spawn locations, a warthog which can be claimed by either the Spartans or the elites, and elevator-dropped or explosion-propelled heavy debris like crates and vehicle husks which can land in different spots each round to provide cover or hazards. Somehow, every round plays differently and something hilarious or unexpected always winds up happening!
  • Mr Dr Milk
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2022-08-17
Given that this map was created before the disco glitch fix and before scale was introduced makes it all the more impressive. A serious display of dedication from A1ex W. Rabid MagicMan and I frequently use a lightly edited version of this map to host infection on the custom-games browser, and it has stood the test of time. A faithful lore-friendly remake, impressive forging skills and creative technique, this compact yet terrifying rendition of the campaign mission is a 5/5 stars from me.
As a prolific map-maker, trust me when I say it is difficult to grasp how fun this gametype is. Whilst Rabid MagicMan (RMM) isn't done making custom-game browser (CGB) friendly mods yet, it will definitely be one of his best of all time.

Because this gametype focuses solely on the war between Elites, Brutes & Grunts, the weapon and vehicle warfare will be entirely plasma and needle based. with the focus now resting on a palette of projectile weapons (rather than hitscan), gun and vehicle combat feel more full of life and "fair" than ever. No more sudden snipes or lasers, instead you can expect to be mowed down by walls of plasma fire or brutalized in merciless close quarters combat.

Feel the wrath and hatred between the Elites and the Brute-led Covenant! I recommend you download and host this gametype with Covenant-themed invasion maps on the CGB today, no excuses!