Mount Delta

Linear Mount Delta

GT: Honor232

This is Mount Delta, a linear flight infection map that takes place in a hidden forunner structure deep within an Alp. The map is built on lockdown and uses the snow effects and uses much of the structures to integrate the layout. The forunner structures have decayed and frozen over time and the map uses a game type called Halo 2 Flood, were you will be playing as brutes and using brute weapons. Your mission is to charge up the zones in order to get through the shield room while fighting flood. Throughout the structure there will be remnants of weapons which belonged to covenant ops teams attempting to get into the shield room but failed. Players will find this a challenge as the weapons are not usual with what most linear game types and will have to think of new strategies when using these weapons. There is a surprise on the second level that will be a call back to another famous zombie game. This map is called Mount Delta and the game type that goes with it is Halo 2 Flood both are available on Honor232 file share.




Halo 2: Anniverary Icon Infection
First release
Last update
Halo 2: Anniversary
Min Player Count
Max Player Count
Supported Gametypes (Infection)
  1. Infection
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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  • 4.00 star(s)
Mount Delta by Honor232 is possible the only map to ever bring linear infection successfully to the H2A remake of lockout.

A hugely challenging canvas, Mount Delta weaves in and around the pre-existing structure to create a long and difficult infection map. It makes use of the Flight mode, where humans must carry a bomb to consecutive checkpoint to charge it before proceeding. The early checkpoints are fairly simple but as it progresses especially towards the final three stops, many humans are infected.

If you want to try something entirely new, I'd definitely recommend giving Mount Delta a download. 👍