Competitive Palace

The Covenant have recently finished constructing a palace on the holy ring, order by the Prophet of Mercy. The palace and its surrounding structures resemble to that of the prophet’s home world. Most likely due to the prophets’ devoted fascination of the forerunner ring world, so devoted he had built entire palace in his name on the holy ring. The intel provided from ONI specifies that the palace was built near a Forerunner mega structure and that the Covenant have been collecting data and resources from said structure for weeks. We need to infiltrate this Covenant palace and retrieve its primary data core for the UNSC for further research. A six spartan fireteam will be deployed just outside the palace perimeter and must overtake the first structure to lower the gates to the interior palace grounds. This isn’t a Covenant military base, so heavy weaponry shouldn’t be expected, but the prophets palace is guarded by royal sangheili and are not to be underestimated. Good luck Spartan Team.

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