Sardaukar Sword Tournament

Sardaukar Sword Tournament

Special scripts by FireRainV, RabidMagicman, ClearCardinal & Gamergotten.

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The Emperor of the universe's Sardaukar army are training on the Imperial prison planet Selusa Secundus. Play with game type "Sardaukar Tournament". This game type is best played with sixteen people.

This is a sword tournament map where the winner is selected by being the final player standing in the arena. The map is designed as a series of incrementally changing arenas where the high ground costs an increasing amount of skill to control in each bracket.

Dune is one my favorite movies so I have done my absolute best to imagine a training arena of the Sardaukar soldiers in this game mode. Typically in sword tournaments the winner is selected by the amount of kills, but in this version the only way to get a point is to be the last man standing.

Screenshot 550

This mode also diverts from typical sword tournaments by having kills require two direct sword hits, and doing away with one life per round. Players who lose their bracket will be sent to a training room located above the final arena. Here they can practice fighting with their swords, or pick up a powerup to enable them to spectate the final round happening below their feet.

Screenshot 532

As the final bracket begins, the final two players will have the opportunity to pickup a health pack on the ascending ramp. Players who join late into the game will be spawned into the waiting room so the brackets are not disrupted.

Supported Game Types: (*Compatible with MCC Custom Browser*)
-Sardaukar Tournament

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