Secret Drop

4v4 Secret Drop

Secret Drop is a symmetrical map for 4v4, but can also be played in a FFA setting and multi-team setting, the supporting teams are Red, Blue, Green and Orange Teams.

OG Description: "Training facility in a dome. Can't get 'em? You dead!"

Secret training facility made by the UNSC to train both new Spartans and Elites. It also supports Stockpile, Headhunter.
Very first attempt on an arena type of map and I'm really proud of it, technically this would be my first official complete map, but realistically, this is not my first complete map.

Better experience using the Anvil's Gametypes

From the opening of the dome.
Caisse SC

Concussion rifle on a crate. Oddball can also spawn here
Sniper Bleu

Sniper on the Blue Side, we can see the Needler with some plasma grenades and beneath them there is a tp with a DMR
Sniper Rouge

Red Sniper with a view over the Needle Rifle on the Red side.
Hammer High Mid

Hammer on Mid, we can see the Blue Bridge heading to the Hammer.
Rocket Launcher Bottom Mid

Rocket Launcher on Bottom Mid. King of The Hill, Territory zone are there. Stockpile flag is also there.
Blue Base Needle Rifle

Needle Rifle on the Blue Base, heading over to the Sniper Section.
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Halo: Reach Icon Core
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Halo: Reach
Min Player Count
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Supported Gametypes (Core)
  1. Slayer
  2. CTF
  3. Assault
  4. KotH
  5. Oddball
  6. Territories
  7. Juggernaut
  8. Other
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