Sentinel Wall

Casual Sentinel Wall

Welcome to Sentinel Wall! This is a Casual Invasion map perfect for the CGB. Based on the Halo 2 mission of “Sacred Icon”, to succeed players must learn to navigate the system of teleports found in the veins/tunnels. These tunnels will allow players to transfer between objectives and allow Spartans to assault the elites from multiple angles. Chaos Garunteed!

Phase 1: Spartans Must mount up in their falcons and split up to take out two, AA shade defended, Generators. Once destroyed an energy shield will disappear allowing for spartans to take a teleporter to the next phase.




Phase 2: The central cavity of the Wall is now open! Spartans must now capture 2 territories whilst elites try to counter and disrupt falcon reinforcements with banshees. In Phase 2, MAC rounds are authorised. Spartans can walk to the back of the cruiser and teleport to the scorpion in the nose of the ship, from there you can wreck havoc on the objectives inside the wall.



Phase 3: Assault! Grab the bomb from the cruiser and ferry it over in either a transport falcon or the newly spawned Nose gun falcon! Plant the Bomb as elites swarm with greater firepower and more banshees. Fend of elites until detonation then prepare to switch sides for round 2.


This map is available on A1ex W's file share.

Halo: Reach Icon Invasion
A1ex W
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Halo: Reach
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  • NukeOhio
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2022-08-18
This is probably my favorite invasion map. Everything about this map is amazing and I've had a great time whenever I find it in the custom game browser. I would recommend this map to everybody because it will blow your mind. This map easily shows how Halo Reach has more tricks up its sleeve that we have yet to see even twelve years later.
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