Spartan Islands

Big Team Spartan Islands

šŸŒ“A settlement of small islands in the middle of an oceanšŸŒ“


Spartan Islands is a big team battle focused map that is compatible with:
-Team Slayer
-Neutral Flag

-Multi Bomb Assault


The map has a natural hazard, which is the water itself. You don't die when going in the water, but your screen will flash and you will be slowed down to half speed. You will also only be able to jump at 25% height. This creates a good map dynamic that forces the player to seek different routes (bridges, rocks, vehicles)


The map layout is unique, in the way that both red base and blue base are essentially located on the same half of the map. Therefore traditional capture the flag and assault won't work, otherwise the other half of the map would be ignored. But there are still flag and bomb compatibility (Neutral Flag and Multi Bomb Assault)


The map prevents base attacks and base camping by having a third area that is a strategic point to capture, the tower. The tower is one of the more unique areas of the map. It is the tip that connect the 2 bases. Think of it as the tip of a triangle, with blue and red base being the other 2 corners. For the assault and CTF game modes, the teleporters that lead to the top of the tower are disabled (to prevent instant teleportation to the main objective)
Also during those game modes, your radar is disabled once you reach the tower, to make it more difficult to crouch camp and watch the radar. The players are forced to traverse the claustrophobic corridors of the inside to reach the peak of the tower.


Overall the map works best with the game modes stated, and is not meant for big team FFA

-On the main menu for Halo The Master Chief Collection, open your "Roster"
-Select your gamertag
-Select "Find Player"
-Search for me: Mr Metai Man (Yes, that is an i)
-Open my file share and download the map "Spartan Islands"
(And download other stuff while you're there too, quality maps to be found)
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Halo 2: Anniverary Icon Core
Mr Metal Man
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Halo 2: Anniversary
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Supported Gametypes (Core)
  1. Slayer
  2. CTF
  3. Assault
  4. KotH
  5. Territories
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