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This mod currently contains the following:

[Halo 3] M12A1 Rocket Warthog
[Halo 3] V-14C NMPD Hornet
[Halo 3] T-32 RAV Needlerghost
[Halo ODST] H2A Uberchassis
[Halo 3] SDV Corvette and Elefan Cruiser, [Halo 3] Longsword and Seraph Flock
[Halo 3/Reach] Expanded Ammo Packs, [Halo 3] Weapon Cases and Gun Rack
[Halo 3] Sentinel Needlergun, [Halo Reach] CE Fuel Rod Gun


M12A1 Rocket Warthog
This is a recreation of the M12A1 Rocket Warthog for use in Halo 3 that was first introduced in the Gearbox port of Halo CE to PC. The Rocket Warthog is not a variant of the default Warthog, it is instead a custom warthog vehicle with a custom rocket turret that uses a modified HUD.

V-14C NMPD Hornet
This is a NMPD Hornet that is a kitbash of the Halo 3 Hornet with the NMPD Police Pelican. It is similar to the standard Hornet but has a Crowd Dispersal Grenade in place of Missiles which can throw objects about and deals minimal damage. It also mostly uses stock tags and is also not a variant of the stock Hornet tag. The lights only turn on when the player enters.

T-32 RAV Needlerghost
This is the infamous Needlerghost commonly seen in Custom Edition now in Halo 3. It fires slightly big Needle Shards with a slower firerate than the standard Ghost that slightly increases. The needles stick to most surfaces, fizzle or bounce off of energy shielding. And each individual shard explodes similar to a nerfed Super Combine explosion. Like the Rocket Warthog it is similar to the regular Halo 3 Ghost.

H2A Uberchassis
This is a port of the Halo 2 Anniversary Uberchassis civilian car into Halo 3 ODST for use alongside the vanilla Genet as decoration. Unlike the above mentioned vehicles this is not an actual .vehicle tag. There is a .crate tag, a .scenery tag and three hub_nav versions (These are the ones that flash lights when you get close to them, they aren't damageable.)

SDV Corvette and Elefan Cruiser
Basically the SDV Class Corvette from Reach and the Elefan Class Cruiser (Commonly seen in Halo CE and Halo 2) in Halo 3, both use the Cruiser rig so they can even appear in cutscenes and have small versions aswell.
Corvette has a digging variant aswell as one which fires plasma torpedos at the ground.
Corv firing

Expanded Ammo Packs
I took the Ammo Packs from ODST and ported them into Reach and Halo 3, gave them physics models, and even added rocket, dmr and grenade launcher (Reach only) ammo.

Generic character tag

There is also a modified generic_stanner.character tag that is modified to be able to use these tags. You will have to overwrite the base generic.character tag with mine so that AI can use the custom tags (Otherwise they will not do anything when they attempt to use these)

Testing grounds

This is a modified version of Sidewinder with AI. I've now added three buttons and several weapons/ vehicles in the map close to the centre structure. The button in the center enables and disables AI (It's set to off on map start) The Elevator button to it's right enables MarineVsODST, which has Marines (Blue Team) and ODST's (Orange Team) spawn at both bases with two rocket warthogs and a NMPD hornet each. The button to the left enables HumanVsCovenant, which has two regular Chaingun Hogs and a Marine Squad with 6 members spawn at the same base at which the Marines spawn in in the other mode (They are also on Blue Team). And 6 Needler Ghosts spawn at the centre, piloted by Grunt Majors. (The Grunts team is Orange). Nothing is stopping you from spawning both of them at the same time. All AI respawn after 800 ticks as long as their respective mode is still on. I set it up so that wrecked vehicle pieces are removed after every 250 ticks.
You can do whatever you want with the scenario and its accompanying scripts.

Feel free to credit me if you happen to make use of anything in here within your own mod.

Refer to the multiple Readmes in the downloads for more information
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