Star Wars: Falcon Chase

Star Wars: Falcon Chase

Available on my fileshare GT: A1ex W

How on earth did you get vehicle welding in halo reach?
So this mode has a bit of a history, I was working on another project which uses attachments, this is a feature which allows you to label objects with “attachment“ snapping them all to the center coordinate to an “attach_base” labelled vehicle. Frustrated with the limitations this caused, I was in a voice call and began to quiz Gamergotten on a way to offset attachments. A Couple of All-nighters being Gamergotten’s personal CGB test buddy and what is essentially Halo Reach Vehicle Welding was born.

So if I steal this game-mode, what can I do with it?

If your familiar with the old attachmemt system, then not much has really changed. For instance, you still use the “attach_base“ label for the vehicle, but this time you can construct any vehicle you want using whatever object you please, then give those objects the ”attach_offset” label. Use the spawn sequence to determine which channel each vehicle is on. On the backend the gamemode will save the relative positions of the objects to the attach base vehicle and then coordinate the same positions as the vehicle moves. Other details include the ability to give these objects no collision by setting the team to pink (collision is on by default) and that if you want cargo velocity you need to create a shape boundary on the attach_base vehicle encompasing the entire forge creation.

So how does this map use this new technology?​

The first thing I did after grabbing this gamemode was grab my friend CleanserOfNoobs and begin work on a millennium falcon, we came up with the idea of an Infection variant that pitted a pilot and gauss gunner taking on many tie fighters in a chase like setting. Cleanser lended his relatively inexpensive object wise Star Destroyer to the project that we copied over using blender. Then it was simply a case of sorting out spawns and creating the tie fighters. They had to be a simple design due to the restrictive object limit, and you can’t get much smaller than 4 objects in total!

Anyway that’s enough from me, check out the video below to see me and HaloNminecraft in action!

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