Storm The Beach You Dogs!

Storm The Beach You Dogs!

“Storm them! No retreat! No surrender! Forward you dogs - to victory!”

It’s DDAY. Storm the beaches at Omaha.

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Phase 1:

Move up the beach.

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Phase 2:

Make a hole.

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Phase 3:

Disable their defenses.

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Map: Storm The Beach You Dogs!

Gametype: Storm The Beach You Dogs!
Rabid MagicMan

Much like WW1. But more world. And more war. Attackers have a tank that they will need to rely on for success. Another excruciatingly difficult gametype - but authentic in its sheer horror.

As well as making the SvS invasion mod, Rabid MagicMan made some changes to the weapons and added a tank with a spawn point for the attackers. I can’t thank him enough for his imagination, generosity, and insane work ethic.

Vexed with the DDAY experiences that were on offer in the CGB, I lazily forged this map by editing an already existing map called ‘Stormin’ Da Beach’ by the incredibly talented Insanmiac. His was a really fun stockpile mini-game which I definitely recommend checking out. This map is not fun. This map is masochism incarnate. Get ready for that temple vein to pop. You will die again and again and again.

Still though - bet it was worse on the day.
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