Competitive Sunspot

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Under the heavy sunlight lies massive solar panels harvesting energy for the UNSC. This solar plant serves as the last remaining energy source on Reach, and must be protected at all cost.

This is a competitive, spartan defence invasion map best played with 12 players. Use with the default invasion game-type (elites attacking, with objectives set to territories - territories - CTF).

Set in a canyon, this map provides players with a blend of both modern and classic invasion design, aesthetic, and gameplay experience. With some inspiration from Boneyard, this map provides players an enormous battleground ideal for heavy vehicle play, and infantry skirmishes with verticality throughout.

To fortify their defences, Spartans are equipped with two rockets, and one sniper, with vehicles including a warthog and scorpion throughout phase two and three. Elite weapons include a focus rifle and fuel rod, with their vehicles being a ghost, wraith and banshee to help attack and pull out the core.

Thanks to the Anvil discord and community for their continued support, testing lobbies, and feedback throughout the past two years, this map underwent numerous changes and revisions. The result is a competitive and action-packed final version that I hope you can enjoy.

To download, search gamertag "BarrenFatal" through the Find Player function in MCC to access my file share.

Don't forget your sunscreen!

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