Surf N' Turf

Competitive Surf N' Turf

*To download the map, use the FIND PLAYER function on MCC and search "IMAROLLINGSTONE" to access the SHARED FILES
*This map works with the Anvil Invasion variant (you may choose to use your own Invasion mode, so set ATTACKING TEAM to Spartans and choose objectives in this order: Territories; Territories; CTF).

Surf N' Turf is a 12-player focused Invasion experience reminiscent of The Silent Cartographer: Warthog roaming on the beach; imposing alien structures; and a hasty escape. Co-forged with the Father, who forgives us of our forge sins, and is the maker of the infamous multiplayer Invasion map of old, Overgrowth, the AbleSir Thomas, Surf is a wacky map that goes all-in for the love of Warthog and Combated Evolved-inspired, vertical structures in a relatively tight layout compared to classic Invasion maps. The maps begins flat, but expands upwards in later phases as Spartans ascend the rocky obstructions and mountainous spire. Surely, there is fun to be had, especially with the new goodies provided by the MCC team (i.e. Fuel Rod Shade Turret and Target Locator). Take boots to the turf and surf!
This map received several overhauls, and took advantage of support from The Anvil Invasion regulars during testing. The word "vision" was what helped Able and I stay focused on the look and feel of the map, while taking advantage of an irregular space. We discovered that using the hill between the boulder and cliff as a demarcation for the Phase 1 space transitioning to the Phase 2/3 space was the best move for the design, so we could avoid choke-point mayhem in the later phases. The map initially was set further away from the island on a sandbar, with some intriguing fortifications setup on the island edge and an earlier escalation of vertical structure (i.e. a tree-house objective in Phase 2). The change to put Phase 1 on one side of the hill and Phase 2/3 on the other side made the initial phase distinct. Plus, we focused in on an offensive Warthog, which functions best in a supporting roll, firing overhead of infantry pushes. The beach is the easier side to gain ground with this combo, so defenders may be surprised by the effectiveness of this setup. It was difficult to get a good balance of providing cover for defenders when inside of structure or while transitioning from one objective to another, leaving space for warthog donuts (avoiding plasma grenades and EMPs), and designing objectives that force defenders to fight the Warthog on its terms.
Once players hit Phase 2, the map expands upwards immediately with several ways to traverse the same space. For example, traveling through the boulder in a dark, damp cave, or ascending atop the boulder using a structural extension to fire directly at the spire. Though, the idea of the objectives remains the same: Warthog supports infantry pushes while infantry takes the objectives. However, enemies may counter from high above on the spire, or from the neutral structures between attacker and defender spawns, which does knock down the use of the Warthog; coincidentally, this makes room for the Phase 3 ascent of the spire, where aerial vehicles takeover to get players up and around faster. The several layers of the spire make taking the core a challenge, but Spartans are given ample tools to clear Elites from the top level. Once the core inevitably falls to the bottom, Spartans can quickly move the core to its capture zone if defenders fail to respond, so hasty countering is required to stop the push, making this phase the most varied in terms of potential fights.
This is the first of several co-forge projects with the Father, and it was a struggle to rethink our approach several times. But through the fire, our resolve grew H4RD3R!

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