The American Wall 2020

The American Wall 2020

The American Wall is a concept that goes all the way back to Halo 2. Back in the era of Halo 2 custom games, there was a popular game mode that went by the name of “Border Wall” “Border Patrol” and other names. The Game mode would be played on team slayer and would be played on the map Zanzibar. The Red team would be placed on the Zanzibar Wall where the sniper rifle spawns on the beach side while blue team would spawn on the other side in the buildings. Red team would only have two players and a sniper rifle. While blue team would only have a plasma pistol and 1-14 players. Using honory rules blue team can not kill red team and must try to get on the other side of the wall in order to win and red team can not leave any where and must stay on the wall. After Halo 2 this game mode would be changed and altered in other halo games like Halo 3’s “Fort Infection” and would also see numerous iterations in Halo 5 Guardians.


The American Wall 2020 is my iteration of the “Border Wall”. It was forged on Halo 2 Anniversary Bloodline or Coagulation. Bloodline is an excellent place to forge this seeing is how the biome is already desert/dry like. The Map goes with the game type also called “American Wall”. Blue team or the attack team will need to carry a bomb and blow up one of the watchtowers. Blowing up one of them will complete the objective and end the game. Blue team will have access to various brute weaponry as well as some covenant ghosts, a wraith, and power ups. The bomb carrier will be able to get in the vehicles making it easier on blue team. There will be four entrance points to get to the towers. All of which you have to destroy part of the wall in order to get through which is my favorite part of the map.



Red team or the defending team will need to defend the wall and wait out the time in order to win the round. With the addition of team specific kill or safe boundaries, Red team cannot move beyond the wall area or will be killed by the soft kill boundary. Red team will not be able to hijack vehicles making it difficult for them to take out. Red team will be equipped with an Assault rifle and SMG as well as have several other weapons within the tower such as the stationary turret, pistol, suppressed smg, and the Battle Rifle. This map also has another version called The American Wall 2020(Desert). The only difference is that it’s in white and black to give it that extra desert theme look. Both this map and the Desert version as well as the game type are available on my file share Honor 232.




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