The Anvil Arenas

The Anvil Arenas

GT: NuckinFutz197
Gametype: 1v1 Me Bro

The Anvil Arenas is more than just a single map. It's actually five maps in one! There are five separate 1v1 arena maps all connected by a spectator area with large windows to view each arena. Each arena has its own theme and is very different from the rest. This map is a kind of social space that allows for players to challenge each other in a variety of different ways. It is best if everyone on the map is in communication with each other for things to run smoothly.

You and your friends (or foes) will spawn in the spectator area. You'll notice large open windows to your left and right with a designated teleporter and a different color emitting from each arena. Each arena is large enough to host a 1v1 player match. Two players can enter the teleporter of their choice. Once the first player enters, they must remain on the teleporter receiver in order for the other player to properly land on the opposite side of the arena. At this point, you have two players inside the arena and everyone else can be spectating. This is where the communication part is key. One player should give a countdown to initiate the 1v1 match. Once the match is over and the winner claims victory, the loser will respawn in the spectator area.

Now, this is where things might seem tricky. The winner of the match will have to find a way out. Turn and face the spectator area with the large window. Somewhere against the wall under the window, you should find a 1x1 square that you can easily jump onto. This square has a soft kill zone that will send you back to the spectator area. Don't worry, suicides don't count against your score if you're using the correct gametype.

When you initially load up the map with the correct gametype, each player will spawn with a Magnum and one grenade. Some of the arenas have weapons near the teleporter receivers for you to pick up. Make sure to coordinate with other players to keep things fair. Keep an eye out for power weapons in some of the arenas as well. Also, if you go to the far end of the spectator area next to the white arena, there is an armory accross the bridge that allows you to customize your 1v1 experience. Choose from a variety of weapons and refill your ammo using the ammo cabinets inside the armory.

That was a long read...I know. Now you're ready to jump into the action and call out your friends to determine who is truly the better player. Good luck, and may the best spartan win!

Should be played with gametype on my fileshare - 1v1 Me Bro







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