The Compound

The Compound

🏫 Inspired by Rainbow 6 Siege style gameplay. There are many ways in, but no way out 🏫

The Compound is asymmetrical map inspired by Rainbow 6 Siege. The inspiration comes solely for map design, in which there is an attacking team that must wait 30 seconds to plan their attack. Along with a defense team that must prepare to defend The Compound at all costs!


The blue team starts in glass box overlooking the entrance to The Compound. They must wait 30 seconds to attack (Similar to the preparation phase on R6S) The lights on the front entrance signify how much time is remaining (see above pic) When the green light appears, the game begins!


After 30 seconds, the attacking team teleports into the battleground on any one of 4 different locations. From there they must determine which path to take. Through one of the many windows? Or perhaps the roof?

When defending, you can use the preparation phase to search the map for equipment, find a hiding spot, or peek from the windows to get the jump on the attackers.


Supply room at the top of the lift (Bomb Site, Territory)


Storage/warehouse area. Located on outside of storage room/top of lift. (Safe Haven)


Staircase access on southeast wing of the compound.


The garage. Located on the far west wing. West wing staircase located behind picture.

There are many more rooms connecting the map together that are not pictured here.

Play with any of my "Siege Modes":
-Siege Infection
-Siege Bomb
-Siege Territories
(Siege Bomb only has 1 life per player, similar to Rainbow 6 Siege)

Or play with most Slayer, 1 sided bomb, territory or infection game mode.

To Download:
-Open Halo MCC
-Select your roster
-Select your gamertag and hit "Find Player"
-Search Mr Metai Man (yes, that's an i)

-Open my file share and download the map "The Compound" as well as the gametypes "Siege Infection" "Siege Domination" and "Siege Bomb"
Halo: Reach Icon Core
Mr Metal Man
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Last update
Halo: Reach
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Supported Gametypes (Core)
  1. Slayer
  2. Assault
  3. Territories
  4. Other
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