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Hi, I'm Berb. Welcome to The Labs.
Maybe my favourite piece of work during the MCC period, The Labs is an intense and challenging inflammation map set deep within a research facility.

The main selling point of the map, which I made in summer of 2021 was the "Reactor Metldown" objective type. It sees humans having to manage their firepower both defending against the zombies and destroying the objectives to progress. My main inspiration for the map was the classic Reach infection map "Origins I: The Labs" - which I wanted to evolve using the expanded tools provided by MCC forge.

This is where the fun begins

Humans and zombies start in this techy room with what is essentially a cage holding the alpha zombies in place. The humans have only a few seconds to being evacuating the room before containment is breached and the infected are released. The first objective marker appears for humans in the cafeteria overlooking the starting room. First though, there's a nice adjoining tunnel with a turret for holding off the initial wave.



One humans arrive at the first objective, their job is to defend and hold the cafeteria while unlocking the door to escape. Zombies come from all directions. Mounting up on the overturned tables can provide and effective defense, allowing humans to aim directly down the hallways connecting to the room. There's a couple of health packs and a vending machine that will provide little sustenance.

Tip: Don't leave that turret in the first hallway. Bring it with you.


Once through the cafeteria, the real challenge begins. Firstly, you'll be met by a big green tank zombie with enough stopping power to wipe an entire squad. Then - the Reactor Meltdown objectives.


I won't spoil too much more. Watch the video linked above for more info and gameplay footage, then go download the map and load it into your next lobby.


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Latest reviews

  • Honor232
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2022-08-17
“The Labs” Forged by Berb is an excellent example of pushing the boundaries of Forging Infection. The Labs is a linear Map that has a very creative design and while a lot of linear infection maps don’t have much for you to do besides waiting around and fighting flood, That is completely different on this map. While progressing through the map as a survivor you and your fellow teammates will need to complete various objectives in order to survive you will need to secure zones, deactivate control panels, and destroy generators. The most iconic moment on this map is towards the end when survivors will need to split up. One team going upstairs to turn off the generators shields which is down stairs in the power room were another team will need to destroy it. It can be very difficult if the survivors don’t work together as most people who go into the power room don’t always comeback adding more numbers to the infected and subsequently ending the round a lot faster which is why teamwork is very critical at that last generator and you want to add covering fire for the team in the power room. Overall this map is a giant improvement on the standard linear infection map formula by making survivors actually complete multiple objectives instead of just waiting for a door to move and focusing heavily on teamwork. It’s a map that will be remembered as one of the greats and I Highly Recommend that you play this multiple times as you will never get bored of this and I hope this inspires other Forgers to make more difficult, unique, and complex linear infection maps as Berb shows on this map it is still possible to create new ideas instead of just following the same map trend. Which is why I give it 5 Stars.
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  • NukeOhio
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2022-08-17
One of the most fun game modes I have ever played in Halo Reach. The use of the Invasion/Infection fusion gametype is some of the best I have seen. I play this map regularly in my game nights and everybody loves it. I can't wait to see what Berb makes next.
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