The Truth & Wreckage

Inflammation The Truth & Wreckage

Inflammation | Recommended Gametype: “Winter Contingency”

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“The Truth & Wreckage” is an inflammation map built around the gametype “Winter Contingency”, an Invasion-Infection crossover where ‘survivors’ are UNSC Spartans and the ‘infected’ are campaign-like Covenant forces.

In “The Truth & Wreckage”, Spartan prisoners gather themselves after the Covenant cruiser they’ve been imprisoned upon crash-lands into a mountainous desert. For phase 1, Spartans must break free of their prison cell and kill any nearby surviving Elite guards. Moving through the ship’s Covenant corridors, Spartans find a large vertical room and attempt to activate a gravity lift. For phase 2, Spartans travel up the gravity lift and fight towards a large doorway intersected by three long Covenant corridors. While holding the covenant off, Spartan prisoners must maintain a defensive position while they open this doorway. For phase 3, the Spartans travel through this doorway into a Covenant vehicle bay to discover a massive hole torn into the side of the Covenant cruiser, allowing the Spartans to climb out of the Covenant wreckage and take their first steps upon the rocky desert. With a large forerunner doorway in sight, the Spartan prisoners must use any available Covenant vehicles and weaponry in a final defense while they seek safety on the other side of this mysterious door. This map is focused around tight hallway combat for phases 1 & 2, and open-field vehicle combat for phase 3. It requires good teamwork to reliably succeed.
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Unique Map Features
  • This map was the first one I made after real-time forge scaling was added as a gametype mod (available on Rabid MagicMan’s fileshare). It is dare-I-say the first convincingly Covenant-themed large map ever made in Halo: Reach.
  • Phase 3 of this map features a large number of ghosts, wraiths, fuel-rods, and plasma grenade launchers duking it out in the deserts of an ancient ring-world. The Covenant-versus-Covenant gun and vehicle play in the desert is unlike anything you have ever seen in Halo: Reach before, guaranteed!
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Recommended Gametype

I built this map specifically for the gametype “Winter Contingency” by Rabid MagicMan. This gametype can be found on the fileshares of both “Rabid MagicMan” and “Mr Dr Milk” within the Halo Master Chief Collection (MCC).

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Both the map and the recommended gametype, "Winter Contingency", can be found on the fileshares of either "Rabid MagicMan" or "Mr Dr Milk"
Halo: Reach Icon Infection
Mr Dr Milk
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Halo: Reach
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Rabid MagicMan
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Supported Gametypes (Infection)
  1. Inflammation
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This map is an absolute masterpiece, arguably Milk's magnum opus. You'd be hard pressed to find another Forge World map which looks so distinctly non-Forge World; hardly a spec of forerunner grey, sea, or grass on the entire map. The gameplay is also pretty unique for a Winter Contingency map and fun too, especially when the infected elites get access to ghosts, wraiths and jetpacks in the wide open desert at the end. My absolute favourite thing to do on this map is to use a concussion rifle to splatter enemies with covenant crates in the tight corridors 😈🩸

P.S. Milk has kindly listed me as a co-forger, so I should point out that the forge work is all Milk. I just made the modded gametype (and added some features to it which are needed for this specific map).
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  • Berb
  • 5.00 star(s)
Maybe my favourite inflammation map.

The use of scale on this map to make a believable covenant interior achieves something forgers have long dreamt of since 2010.

While not the longest or most complex in terms of gameplay, the Winter Contingency gametype makes up some of these shortcomings. Zombies will just come out of doors or down straight hallways rather than move through a more complex structure.

However, the design and obvious challenges involved in forging a huge convenant structure create a truly unique experience. If I had to recommend or put forward a map that best represented the achievements of the MCC community, this map would on that list.

Excellent work the both of you.
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