Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror

🏢 A versatile, colorful and chaotic, vertical tower style map 🏢

Embrace the colorful chaos that lies within The Tower of Terror!

ToT contains 5 floors, 4 of which are color coded. 20 total teleporters. And 4 Elevator shafts.


The top floor is blue. It has access to the top of the elevator shafts. It also houses 4 fusion rifles.


The 4th floor is green. It has a tighter inner square to give easier access to from blue floor. It houses 4 plasma pistols.


This is center floor. It is more open, but has plenty of cover. It also has access to the middle of each elevator shaft.


The 2nd floor is purple. It has a one way shield trap door in each room, to give easier access up for red team. It also houses 4 needlers.


The bottom level is red floor. It has access to the bottom of each elevator shaft. It has a narrow inner square, as to allow 1 last chance to catch yourself before falling off the map. It also houses 4 brute plasma rifles.

As you can gather, each floor has weapons that match the color of said floor.


The center chute of the map. Seen from top down. All power weapons and custom power ups drop from the top of the chute. It is a risky endeavor to attempt to grab a power weapon. Partially due to being a sitting duck looking up in the sky. And partially due to...

The crate of death! Which falls through the chute every ~15 seconds. Beware, the crate has taken many lives!

There is also an elevator shaft on each side which grants access from the bottom floor, to the middle and the top. The elevator is powered by one way shields, and is accessed by simply going against the wall. It will then propel you up to your desired floor with ease!


Elevator shaft center floor access.


Oh, and I should probably mention a crucial aspect of the map... each floor houses 4 teleporters!

These teleporters are in each corner of each floor of the map. 20 total! They are all random and add an interesting mechanic to the map. Struggling in a firefight? Take a teleporter. Trying to get away with an oddball? Take a teleporter. Managed to grab the sword and invisibility? Teleport until you find your next victim. These teleporters ensure a way to keep the battle random and engaging.

Tower of Terror has been a hit during custom game nights. Due to the symmetry of the map, there really isn't a map hotspot so to speak. Battles erupt everywhere! The map is very versatile, and can handle all types of slayer, oddball and KOTH variants. It can even be played with infection as well.

Hope you enjoy your visit in the Tower of Terror!

-On the main menu for Halo The Master Chief Collection, open your "Roster"
-Select your gamertag
-Select "Find Player"
-Search for me: Mr Metai Man (Yes, that is an i)
-Open my file share and download the map "Tower of Terror"
(And download other stuff while you're there too, quality maps to be found)
Halo 2: Anniverary Icon Core
Mr Metal Man
First release
Last update
Halo 2: Anniversary
Min Player Count
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Supported Gametypes (Core)
  1. Slayer
  2. KotH
  3. Oddball
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