Ultimate Firefight Sandtrap

Not Xbox Compatible Ultimate Firefight Sandtrap

New SPV3-Inspired Co-Op Firefight mode for Halo 3, featuring a Random Enemy Squad generator, an ODST drop system, revive system, Hero campaign characters, custom content from other tag releases, and much much more!

Featuring 10 waves, and infinite rounds of classic Co-Op or Solo Halo fun, with some new twists!

Normal difficulty recommended for Solo play.

This new mode features some unique systems:

Drop Pod Respawn system:

When a player dies, they return to the nearest living player, or their dead body in style! This uses up a life however, so as cool as it is, you don't want to drop in too many times!

Hero System and Revive system:

This map features 10 unlockable Hero characters from the Campaigns of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST! Unlock one at the end of each round, and they will stick with you forever! If they or a co-op partner goes down, you can revive them by walking up to them and holding RB! You hit marine? No? Then listen up!

Random Enemy Squads system:


Ultimate Firefight randomly selects enemy types to fill out the four squads that spawn each normal wave. As you progress from waves 1 to 10, you'll notice the enemies you face becoming tougher! That's normal right? Well, there is actually a tailored selection of enemies being spawned every wave! This system works on unlocks, after each wave you will unlock a new type of enemy, of which there are dozens! Higher waves will select more powerful enemies out of the ones you have unlocked, so as you progress through the rounds you'll be facing more diverse diverse waves full of different squad configurations and challenging enemies!

Random Reward system:

At the end of every wave, you will be given a reward depending on how high of a wave you are on, and what rewards you already have! This can include many different types of vehicles, powerful weapons, air support from a Hornet, A squad of Marines or Spartans to back you up, and if you're really lucky, your very own Tank!

Random Events

As of version 2.0, you now have a chance of a special event during each wave, this could be a group of Engineers blocking your radar, Jetpack brutes flying into the battlefield with hammers, Elite Drop Pods raining down from the sky, or even flood or sentinels getting involved!

Special Waves

There are ten unique "Special Waves" including Flood Invasion, Sentinel Swarm, Heretic Banished (Banished with human weapons), Hammer Time (Jetpack brutes with Gravity hammers), and many more! A random one of these will play out on Waves 5 and 8 of each round.

Boss Waves

On the final wave of each round, you will face extremely powerful opponents! You will always receive some heavy equipment before these rounds if you don't have any, but your enemies will too! Fight against Brute Warchiefs and Chieftains, Elite Zealots and Ultras, and even a Scarab!

To Install:
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo3\maps

Back up the "050_floodvoi" file there, then replace it with the one from this mod.

Start the game with anti-cheat OFF.

Select the level "Floodgate" from mission start, with whatever difficulty or skuls you'd like!,

You can alternatively start from Rally point bravo for the Sandbox mode where all enemies are unlocked from the start.

The first team or solo player to get to and beat Round 5 on Normal difficulty or higher and upload a video of the run to YouTube,
can put their multiplayer Spartan or Elite in the game!

The first part of the contest (first to beat Wave 10) has been won by "Turbo Simp"!
Please continue to upload your videos however! The first few "Runners up" may still get the chance to have their characters represented in a different way! :D The "First to complete Round 5" challenge is still live!

There will be a new contest coming soon, but at the moment there are none live! Sorry!

Known bugs:
-If a player dies while using a turret (not one on a vehicle, just the standalone ones), they will respawn incorrectly and will be frozen in place until you restart from previous checkpoint.

Please report any bugs you come across!

My other mods:
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Calantorn: Brute, grunt and hunter models and custom cannons, flood vehicle animations, Armored Flood Brute Tags
Byzantine is Roman#0239: Ported Halo 2 Elite animations
Kashieera: Revenant, Focus Rifle and Plasma Launcher tags
Mythicjaqui: Tactical Battle Rifle and Pulse Plasma Repeater weapons
Vuthakral: Spectre tags
Krevil: Halo Infinite style HUD
aLTis: Bulldog vehicle
TheHostileNegotiator: Sentinel Enforcer tags
Spartan Tanner: Rocket Warthog vehicle
The Mindful Moron: Faster H3 combat forms
echo482: Additional Playable Marine Biped animations
FunnyAnyway: Halo Reach Skirmishers and Jackals
xM: Flood ODST tags
J3F33M1: Spanish translation/Traducción al español realizada por J3F33M1

Multiplayer Customization Version:
Gold Team: Multiplayer customization mod

Special thanks:
Oliver: Helping me test Co-Op mode like a billion times
FunnyAnyway: Helping me port Dare from Halo 3: ODST
Masterz1337 and the SPV3 team: SPV3 Firefight was a major inspiration for this mod :)
xChopp3r- First bug report and testing the mod early!
Byzantine is Roman#0239- Giving me the idea for the Banished Elite Rangers!

Patreon Legends:
Joshua Fisher

Patreon Super Supporters:

And finally, thank you for playing! Please leave me a comment, or even better record yourself playing! I love seeing people's playthoughs, and it helps
me make better mods to see where issues and good points are!

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