UNSC Strikes Back!

UNSC Strikes Back!

Invasion | UNSC Strikes Back!

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“UNSC Strikes Back!” is an Elite defense invasion map built for the gametype “UNSC Strikes Back!” by Rabid MagicMan, a heavily improved Spartan-offense air battle invasion gametype.

This map sends you into the fray immediately by spawning each team next to the powerful broadside weaponry available to each ship. UNSC attackers must use these armaments to destroy large chunks of the Covenant Corvette, crippling her movement and tearing holes in her side armor. In phase 2, Spartan boarding parties must carry a bomb via Falcon to the wounded Corvette and use it to blast their way through the bridge’s blast doors. In phase 3, attackers must destroy the Covenant controls and equipment located on the bridge. This map, scripted via complicated gametype modding, provides a refreshingly simple and massive air battle allowing us to all live out our wildest Halo: Reach dreams! I recommend this map for any fan of casual invasion playlists.
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Unique Map Features
  • Modded Super-Cannon! Experience or simply witness the power of Rabid MagicMan’s custom modded player controlled ‘super turret,’ representing a broadside cannon of a UNSC Frigate on this map.
  • Special gametype scripting, included only in the recommended gametype, change the Human and Covenant spawns once the phase 2 bomb is planted. This pushes Elites into defensive hallway positions, ready to initiate a fierce battle with boarding Spartans once the blast doors are opened.
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Recommended Gametype
I built this map specifically for the gametype “UNSC Strikes Back!” by Rabid MagicMan. This gametype can be found on the fileshares of both “Rabid MagicMan” and “Mr Dr Milk” within the Halo Master Chief Collection (MCC).
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Both the Map and the recommended Gametype, “UNSC Strikes Back!”, can be found on the fileshares of either "Rabid MagicMan” or “Mr Dr Milk"
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