Big Team Utopian

Looking back at some of the maps bungie made in Forge World, I'd say my least liked was Paradiso. So I wanted to see about improving the map with my own spin on things.

Introducing my version, "Utopian". Currently can run 4 v 4 slayer, BTB Slayer, Assult and CTF. If you'd like to give the map a look, it'll be on MCC (Xbox) on my fileshare. GT: CleanserOfNoobs.

The bases and add-on geometry is heavily inspired by Halo CE, but the bases most accurate discription is that of the firefight map "Installation 04" where players can access both the external and internal ramps to hold up on top of the structures. Much of the weapons on the map are retained with a few new power weapons and power ups added to creat unique gameplay dynamics.

Oh... and the bases are also golfball canons, because why not? Try not to get splattered when the balls reenter atmosphere.
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Halo: Reach Icon Core
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Halo: Reach
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Supported Gametypes (Core)
  1. Slayer
  2. CTF
  3. Assault
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