Competitive Vessel

GT: KingxMikey

Located on the shore line that connects to the cave, this docking bay with warehouses scatter around. A main vessel is currently docked with important intel stored on a core at the bottom of the ship. The main spartan HQ is located on the opposite side of the docks and alongside the cave entrance. This puts a distance to the rest of the base. However, the communication outpost can be used to send early warnings of an attack to the spartans. This map only features invasion, so each part of the map plays a part in the round. The round starts off with Elites trying to capture the communication base to have a foothold in the human docks. The next phase, the Elites must plant a bomb on either the ship main storage door or the generator located in the warehouse. Destroying one will open up all doors into the lower levels of the ship. It will also open the door to the cave. The final phase requires the Elites to capture the ship’s core and take it to the inside of the cave.

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