Vietnam Invasion - ‘Operation-Line-of-Charlie’

Vietnam Invasion - ‘Operation-Line-of-Charlie’

“Clear out the Vietnamese jungle. Liberate the POW camp. Sink the Soviet sub.”

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Phase 1:
Fly deep into NVA occupied territory under heavy AA fire. Secure the jungle and destroy all encampments.

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Phase 2:
Move in and attack the camp from all sides, liberating the POWs.

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Phase 3:
Launch a full scale air assault on the Soviet prototype. Do this by any means necessary. You’ll be a goddamn hero.

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Map - Vietnam Invasion

Gametype - Operation-Line-of-Charlie
Rabid MagicMan

It’s like a Chuck Norris commando movie. It’s not very good - but it’s a high octane, adrenaline fueled, big fat line of pure white fun. This map doesn’t take itself too seriously. Plenty of power weapons and plenty of fun engagements. Slap on some ‘Fortunate Son’ on loop and you’re good to go.

The right honorable mod man Rabid MagicMan churned out some absolutely beautiful mods for this one;

Spartan V Spartan Invasion.

Spartan Berserkers;
This affects any weapon class with a Spiker as primary. Players who lose their shields will drop their weapon and become feral - and will be forced to charge the enemy.

Spartan Maverick;
Spawns with a machine gun turret.

And most crucially;
Vietnamese are smaller in scale.

It’s like an 80s movie. Stereotyping is unfortunately inherent…
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