WW1 - “Up & Over Chaps!”

WW1 - “Up & Over Chaps!”

“Righto chaps - short stroll over the top, run the bloody Jerrys out, back in time for tea”

Phase 1:
Emerge from the forest, push through the ruined village and wipe out their forward command posts.

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Phase 2:
Advance across no man’s land whilst enduring heavy MG fire and Zeppelin barrages. Secure the forward trench.

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Phase 3:
Move up the hill toward the windmill and destroy their comms relay.

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This map is not for the faint of heart, the first phase being the most difficult. Victory demands total sacrifice and relentless attack. Winning is rare, and only achieved with teamwork.

A big spank you to Berb and Alex W - I drew a lot of inspiration (totally ripped ideas) from their gorgeous ‘Somme’ map.

Map; ‘WW1’

Gametype; ‘WW1 “Up & Over Chaps!”
Rabid MagicMan

This map would be nothing without the exceptional modding talents of Rabid MagicMan. As well as a plethora of gameplay tweaks and balances, he’s made two unique mods for this map.

The first; the attackers have a tank that also acts as a mobile spawn point. Strategic placement of this vehicle is essential for claiming victory.

The second; there is a Machine Gunner class. Instead of an armor ability, you have a deployable turret that you can pack up and redeploy at your discretion.
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  • Berb
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Genuinely one of the most impressive maps I've ever seen. This has taken a formula (trench warfare) myself and Alex expanded on The Somme and taken it to a whole new level.

The use of natural object scaling truly leaves Forge World behind and creates genuine immersion. The use of the tanks as mobile spawn points is also great.

I can't heap enough praise on this map - but I'm sure we'll save that for this map's inevitable feature article.
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