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Tying up loose ends...
It's been a while since we did one of these updates, so it's time we sit down and reflect on our previous content plan "The Master Chief Collection Celebration". For those unaware, we launched a roadmap a while back focused on highlighting the best MCC had to offer and our plans on developing the site and community. While we didn't keep up with the development speed we were hoping for, we're hoping to get back into the swing of things over the next few months. This post also serves to announce some massive parts of that roadmap that were completed, so let's dive in and catch everyone up!


The Anvil Invasion Map Pack

Access here
The Anvil Invasion Map Pack is our first map pack that represents the efforts of a two year project from 13 forgers working together to refine and distill the greatest competitive invasion maps. We hope this pack brings your group of friends as much fun as it did for us making it! Please share this with others, makes for great CGB fodder!

The Wiki

We've opened the wiki up to the public! Along with "The Anvil Invasion Map Pack", we have "RabidMagicMan's Miniguide Series" for his MCC scripted gametypes at launch for you to dive into. On the horizon look out for "Berb's Guide to Infection" and "Invasion Theory 101".
We'll be expanding the content over time and if you want to be involved by being a Wiki contributor for The Anvil - feel free to message Berb

The Anvil Undead

We are organizing an Anvil Undead gamenight for Saturday, 2/18 at approximately 8pm EST. So be there! Or don't... but those whose submissions are listed below must be there (please!). With the contest hosted by Berb, We've been seeing some amazing creations and heated competition. Despite the long period of radio silence on the contest, we didn't forget about it! Rest assured, a winner will be crowned. To make up for the long wait, the prize has been changed from 3 months of Xbox gamepass to 3 months of gamepass ultimate. The deadine for the contest was October 31st, so we'd like to share with you the maps that have been submitted and are currently under review.

Alpha Tetran INF - The179bobkiller
Predator Station - The179bobkiller
Cyber Street - Mr Metai Man
Undead Destination - Xeem
Alley Way - NukeOhio
Tragedy at district 44 - JukeBoxKenny
Obsidian - Zaddy Hammer

Is AnvilEditor 1.1 done?

After a long wait (and reading the headline), you're probably asking yourself: "is AnvilEditor 1.1 out yet or what?" And the answer is!... Well, no. While the gametypes are mostly ready, an updated tutorial is needed, since there are many new features, as well as many changes (small and large) to existing features. The tutorial is necessary, since the older ones will become outdated, and an improved tutorial should help everyone remain on the same page. With that said, the Infection mode is 100% ready to go for the contest!

Since I (Weesee) like to be somewhat secretive about what I'm adding, I'm not going to spoil much here. I will say that I've done my absolute best to iron out the bugs, and add some big new features. This includes three new forge labels (one of which replaces another), and an additional big feature to the spawner label! Plus, I've ensured that every gametype (even Invasion) has every feature now, so no more half-assed invasion mode and confused players. I'm very excited to show all of this off in a big new video, but I still need a little more time to complete it. It would help if I wasn't sick as I type this (F in the chat).

Looking Forward...

We're hoping to rejuvenate activity here over the coming months. The MCC modding scene is stronger than ever, with Steam Workshop support and official gametype editing tools for Halo 4 and Halo 2 Anniversary! The CGB scene is kept alive thanks to the increasing popularity of quality gamemodes (many of which are modded). We hope to see that trend continue, and we hope The Anvil can be part of the forefront of that scene!

Until next time...

Wake me, when you need me...
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