Bloomin Onion

Bloomin Onion


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Sep 3, 2022
xsl0thx submitted a new project:

Halo MCC Forge Maps #28- Bloomin Onion (Halo 2 Anniversary Custom Map) - dip my onions

In this Halo MCC Forge Map we are exploring the foodie realm of Halo. This map is a sculptural map of a popular appetizer Bloomin Onion. This map merges a jump map and a sculpture map to create a small 3v3 or 2v2 objective map. This maps radial balance allows the player to weave in and out of danger through the pillars and get height advantages very quickly on your enemy.
Map Title: Bloomin Onion
Gametype(s): Oddball,Juggernaut,Ricochet
Players: 4-6
Author: sloth1982, x sl0th x

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