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Ahh, H2A. The weird stepchild of the Halo Forge Titles - a game whose lifespan only lasted two years and was completely marred by devastating instability and bugs. However, it's seen somewhat of a resurgence during the MCC PC era. Thanks to the efforts of our latest featured map author and the rest of the talented H2A forgers, we're finally able to enjoy what could have been in 2014. Keeping in the seasonal theme, we're featuring one of the best Holdout style infection maps you can find out there right now.


Created by: Zaddy Hammer

Recommended Players: 2-16​

Holdout infection has a very simple premise easily understood by everyone - including the children in the Custom Games Browser. Big mean zombies of varying health come to get you and it's your job to either hold them off or hide until the round ends. It harkens back to a simpler time, when infection maps like Barts Manor and I Am Legend were the standard. Before linear maps and eventually inflammation arrived, we just had Save One Bullet and a hidey hole.

Zaddy channels this style of infection incredibly well in his faithful replica of a Denny's location. I've never been in a Denny's in my entire life, but I'll trust on faith that he's accurately captured the features and atmosphere well. The map reminds me of the old classic Insanmiac holdout from Reach called Nowehere, USA - which I believe still gets played in the CGB occasionally. Rounds are quick, without much frustration. One gameplay hurdle he's successfully navigated is that feeling of making no progress as a zombie, where you just run up against a wall of shotguns over and over. With multiple entrances, the insane lunge distance of the H2A sword and limited ammo the gameplay has excellent flow round to round.

Denny's Exterior
Denny's Interior
Action shot
POV: You're a dead zombie

There's not much really else to cover. The map does have a notable hidey hole / sneak path in the ceiling connecting a bathroom stall to the lobby area. This is usually where the last man ends up holding off with a shotgun. It's certainly themed very well, creating a realistic enough interior without letting the scenery get in the player's way. I certainly had a lot of fun picking up the carbine and headshotting zombies as they sprinted through the doors into the lobby. As our most prolific map poster, I'm sure this isn't the last time Zaddy ends up with a Map Feature.

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More to come.
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