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Imagine turning this into a legit "glassing" weapon

The Halo Reach Mod Tools for MCC on Steam are finally out! While the Reach mod tools had been delayed from releasing alongside the most recent MCC update, it was but a short delay for these awesome tools. The Halo Reach Mod Tools feature your standard tools (Foundation, Sapien, etc), but also feature some extra goodies, like the Halo Reach Tag Test! The goody I'm personally interested in, being a gametype modder, is the MegaloEdit tool.

Now, I'm personally going to stick to using the ReachVariantTool for several reasons, but let's not underestimate the importance of MegaloEdit. With this tool out, the Megalo language itself (the Reach version anyway) is exposed for us, and we can ideally get a full understanding of it. It's possible (though not yet confirmed) that what we learn from studying the Reach-Megalo language can be applied to improve the current Halo 4 or Halo 2 Anniversary gametype modding tools, which are community created, since they use Megalo as well (albeit, different versions of it). Most importantly though (in my opinion), the release of MegaloEdit shows that 343's MCC team sees us gametype modders, and it sets the precedent for MegaloEdit tools for Halo 4 and Halo 2 Anniversary in the future. If you have any interest in gametype modding for Halo 4 onward, it may be worth it to learn Megalo, at least somewhat, to get a head start when those tools eventually drop!

But, let's not ignore the other tools! Foundation and Sapien will be fantastic for Reach modders! One project in particular that I'm excited to see a revival on is the "Halo Reach Evolved" mod, which was put an hiatus until these mod tools dropped... which, now they have! So hopefully Vadam can get to work on Evolved once he's done with Halo 2 Uncut. Additionally, the Halo Reach Tag Test, whose title is pretty self-explanatory, should further ease the difficulties of modding for the game. As I haven't done much "external" modding myself, I'm not sure how useful this Tag Test tool will be, but it certainly sounds useful. For those who do this type of modding, the mod tools are available for download right now! Just note that collectively, they are several gigabytes in size, which may or may not be a problem depending on your setup. My setup sucks though, but oh well. I'll have MegaloEdit yet!
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