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Halo is about fun - always has been. Throughout the years, casual forgers have been creating wacky modes that push the limits of what can be done with Halo. From the old Halo 3 days of Duck Hunt and Hobo Heights through to today, a rich tapestry of classic gametypes has been woven. With our first ever feature on The Anvil, I'd like to showcase a pack of modded gametypes w/ maps that continue this tradition.

Haloware v1.0 & v2.0​

Created By: RushMyPancake

Recommended Players: 2-16​

The first time I saw Haloware was in the customs browser one evening. I've never played any Warioware game or the TF2 recreation of it - so this was an entirely new experience for me. It's genuinely my belief that the Haloware gametypes are a milestone achievement for the Halo community - bridging the gap of what is possible in Halo. While minigames or modded content like this has always been possible in the PC space, the opportunity for people to enjoy these maps on consoles too is incredible.

A couple days after playing for the first time, I saw Pancake's video on Youtube showcasing the map. I'm just going to embed both of them below because they can explain much better than ever could. Watch them then go play the maps. The creativity and diversity of minigames truly makes Haloware a must-play in the customs lobby. With a 15 score limit and points awarded on survival, it means you should be able to experience the majority of the included minigames at least once or twice. Everyone gets to have their favourites and ones they perform well at - mine being all of them because I'm a god gamer.

Foot race (great trolling opportunity)
Mongoose Mess
Forklift Derby

It almost serves as a microcosm for Halo itself. While many of the minigames are borrowed from the TF2 mode that inspired it, others like Crash-Up Derby are customs lobby classics. In this way, it's the type of perfect to put on with people either new to the game or enjoying it casually. For me, the most memorable minigame has to be Forklift Rally included in Haloware v2.0 - where players have to drive a forklift around a simple loop twice. It sounds easy, but can be infuritating. Another highlight is the Simon Says minigame in the original Haloware, which always catches players out.

Berb (chad) always wins at Haloware

By far the most satisfying moment is saved for the winner (usually me) at the end of the match. If you win, you'll get a chaingun turret and can mow down everyone else in the game as a nice celebratory brag.

As we speak I'm trying to get an answer out of Pancake about a possible remake once Infinite Forge becomes publicly available. I'm sure with all of the new features and scripting options something similar will be possible. Until then though, we have the awesome modding and gametyping community on MCC.

That's about it from me today. We'll be releasing one of these Featured Map / Mod showcases roughly once a week, but we'll sneak in an extra if possible. Make sure to check out our recent Roadmap post to see all the content coming to The Anvil in the next two months.

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