HSFN/iForge Map Testing


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Aug 31, 2022
I will have multiple lobbies per week every week for Halo Infinite (All Gametypes) and 1 per week for Halo 5 and 1 per week for MCC. Submit your maps here or message me on XBL- "Brusky0086". Gameplay from testing on most cases will also. E uploaded to YouTube for a Feature. Your welcome to join the lobbies or to watch on Twitcb or later on YT. Lobby participants will be expected to give feedback after the match , have mic noises at a minimum, no insulting maps or forgers, and I do not pass host so make sure your maps are downloadable for me to get please. If full lobby I will allow you in to observe. There may never times I don't get to your map but it will Be 1st the next session . Contests coming next month for Infinite. I do have multiple lobby host so available so I can get you in there if mine is full .
I you don't know me I have Beene in the community since 2011. I have Forged over 200 Maps and I have tested over 5000 Forge maps . I am 1 of 2 Community' Managers for iForge Halo Design Team and the Founder of HSFN (The Halo Spark Forge Network)
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