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Spartan Tanner Tags

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Spartan Tanner

New Member
Aug 27, 2022
Spartan Tanner submitted a new project:

Spartan Tanner Tags - Creative content, not so creative name.

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This mod currently contains the following:

[Halo 3] M12A1 Rocket Warthog
[Halo 3] V-14C NMPD Hornet
[Halo 3] T-32 RAV Needlerghost
[Halo ODST] H2A Uberchassis
[Halo 3] SDV Corvette and Elefan Cruiser, [Halo 3] Longsword and Seraph Flock
[Halo 3/Reach] Expanded Ammo Packs, [Halo 3] Weapon Cases and Gun Rack
[Halo 3] Sentinel Needlergun, [Halo Reach] CE Fuel Rod Gun



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