Surf N' Turf

Surf N' Turf


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Aug 22, 2022
IMAROLLINGSTONE submitted a new project:

Surf N' Turf - Spartan Offense (TTC) on Island of Forge World

*To download the map, use the FIND PLAYER function on MCC and search "IMAROLLINGSTONE" to access the SHARED FILES
*This map works with the Anvil Invasion variant (you may choose to use your own Invasion mode, so set ATTACKING TEAM to Spartans and choose objectives in this order: Territories; Territories; CTF).

Surf N' Turf is a 12-player focused Invasion experience reminiscent of The Silent Cartographer: Warthog roaming on the beach; imposing alien structures; and a hasty escape. Co-forged...

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