Mr Metal Man

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Aug 17, 2022
Mr Metal Man submitted a new project:

Telexploder - Launch or dodge an obnoxious amount of explosives from a teleporter

🧿Launch or Dodge an obnoxious amount of explosives from a teleporter🧿


Telexploder is a map with a vague backstory of being an arena where the covenant played a sinister game with their prisoners...

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Aug 26, 2022
My man Metal Man does not disappoint people. Always has a new and innovative way to change up the custom game scene. With this map you'll have no idea what and when something is wizzing past your face. He really has brought the saying "you get what life throws at you" to heart. If you haven't tried any of metal man's maps yet you are missing out my anonymous online reader. Go out there and boot up some Halo Mcc and try out Metal Man's map today!
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