The Anvil BiWeekly Gamenight #1

A1ex W

Aug 9, 2022


Let the Carnage Begin...

Our first Game-night will take place this Friday the 9th at 10pm GMT / 5pm CST. Sign up by replying to this thread below and leave suggestions of what you want to play! Forgers are welcome to use this as an opportunity to play-test their maps, but feedback and the framework around traditional map testing may not be in place as is this is designed to be a social event. We Will be gathering in the discord #Customs-LFG chat and will then organise a party via discord or xbox. See you there!

Mr Metal Man

New Member
Aug 17, 2022
Count me in. I'd like to play my map "Facility 117" that I made for I Crush All's Salvation contest with a larger lobby.
If there's still room for another I would also throw my map "Spartan City" into the mix.
I recently remastered the map (originally made in 2015) and it is compatible with nearly every gametype.
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