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Infection is at the core of Halo custom games. Since the days of Halo 2 and the honor rule system, this gametype has dominated the casual Halo experience - bringing with it some of the most iconic forge maps. So here at The Anvil we thought there'd be no better gametype to include in our first ever forge contest. With Halloween approaching and Halo Infinite forge on the horizon, The Anvil Undead will be the perfect way to send off MCC.

In this thread - you'll find all the info you need on submission requirements, deadlines, judging criteria and what will be in store for the winners & runners up. We want to add a couple of constraints to mix things up, while also giving forgers enough freedom to make a map exactly how they want.



All submissions must be made before October 31st.

Map submissions must be made either in a reply to this thread or by being posted to the Maps section.

Submissions must be infection maps in Halo MCC.

Gameplay must follow a traditional infection style - either Holdout, Free Roam or Linear. Mini Games that use Infection will not be accepted.

Maps must involve an urban / city theme in their design.

Submissions must be playable in the Custom Games Browser.

Maximum of two [2] submissions per forger can be made. This includes being listed as a co-forger on other submissions.


Once submissions close on October 31st, they will be tested by Anvil Staff in the Custom Game Browser with server users and random players. We will also be posting a poll to the Discord to guage popularity of the contest and bring up potential honorable mentions.

Following the playtesting, maps will be scored and a results article will be posted to the site. The maps that win the competition will be featured on the site and prizes will be given out. We're a small team here, but it's something special we'd like to do for our growing community. Prize value and number of winners will depend on the total number of submissions.

It's worth noting that maps can be made in Halo 3, H2A, Reach and Halo 4 for the contest. Modded gametypes are also allowed - as long as they are playable in the Custom Game Browser. While this means some titles have advantage over others through larger gametype modding scenes, we'll be looking at every map equally.

The urban / city theme is also an important point. This is our one additional constraint to challenge forgers and throw a curveball. If you're going to submit a map, make sure to keep that point in mind before persuing a different theme and being rejected from missing the rules.

To make the contest easy to score, we'll be following a simple rubric based on some key areas. It's a formula that hopefully everyone is familiar with from days in school (back when Halo was popular). This gives every submission a possible score out of 20 points. While individual rubric results will not be posted for all submissions, they can be requested by the map authors after the contest. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to comment below.

Fun Factor​
Large technical errors / Map is functionally broken.
A miserable experience. Would never play again.
An ugly mess indicating lack of knowledge of Forge.
Completely bland and done before (and better)
Many technical errors.
Majority of players didn't enjoy the map.
Minimal theming and poor piece usage. Map may also be noisy / lacking visual consistency.
A bland, forumlaic map that performs well in that style.
Average gameplay with few to no technical errors.
A mixed bag. Generally fun with some boring / tedious / annoying lowlights.
Servicable piece usage but could use more details / careful theming.
Has novel moments but largely repeats elements / themes from better maps.
Good, exciting gameplay with no technical errors.
Very fun experience enjoyed by all. Would recommend and play again.
Great use of theming with intelligent piece usage.
Map expands on or significantly improves an existing formula / theme.
Perfect gameplay. A great, well-balanced experience.
Incredibly fun and replayable. A new customs lobby staple.
Expertly captures the map theme and makes great use of the forge palette. Includes great setpieces.
A totally unique and novel exeperience, completely new to Halo.

That's it from me. I'll be making a map for the contest, but obviously I can't win. We can't wait to see what you guys make.

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A1ex W

Aug 9, 2022
Pretty lame that we'e limited to urban style maps when like 90% of Infection maps are urban themed
The idea is to put a constraint on the contest, so forgers have to find something special to innovate this style of map. If anything, this isn’t a restriction if that’s what 90% of maps are anyway.


CEO of Theming
Aug 7, 2022
So for the winning map we'll be including an Xbox Game Pass 3-month subscription. It's not much but it's something. For future contests we might up the prize value, but we're still a small growing community.

Submissions are now OPEN - closing Oct 31st. Message below singing up letting us know if you'll be submitting a map. 👇


Just Spawned
Oct 8, 2022
I'll be working on two maps

Gamer tag: the179bobkiller

First Map: Alpha Tetran INF (On File Share)
Gametype: Regular Infection

Second Map: Predator Station (On File Share)
Gametype: Predator Woods (On File Share)
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Mr Metal Man

New Member
Aug 17, 2022
My submission for the contest is ready.

Gamertag: Mr Metai Man (yes, that's an i)
Map: "Cyber Street"
Infection mode: "Sewer Rats"

I am currently working on a video for the map and once finished I will be uploading this into the Map section on the site (hopefully on Halloween)

The map was originally intended for the Halloween competition, but early on I saw the potential to have the map compatible with other modes. So besides infection, it is compatible with almost every Anvil Gametype! (*ANVIL ONLY* Infection,Slayer,FFA,Bomb,KOTH& Flag)


New Member
Aug 22, 2022
My submission is ready and is on my fileshare, but I don't have made the gamemode yet since I can't figure out Inflammation scale system.

GT: Xeem7
Map: "Undead Destination"
Gamemode(to make with Inflammation): "Destination to Hell"

If someone can help me make the gamemode I wouldn't say no to some little help!


New Member
Aug 31, 2022
I love to get in on the testing/judging , I did not submit a map . I'm sure there are some good ones so recording them would Be dope as well. If you need another player then hit me up. Good luck everyone.
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New Member
Aug 31, 2022
For sure. I'm off work wed and Thur I will most likely play it today or tomorrow. On Halo 5 or MCC . I think I actually already follow u so I'll get the map .How many players for the game type ?

Mr Metal Man

New Member
Aug 17, 2022
Have the maps for this contest been play tested yet? Just wondering since I haven't seen any updates on awhile. I know Infinites forge has definitely taken most of our attention for the last month haha