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When Halo MCC released on PC on December 3rd, 2019, many people had high hopes for what forge and mod tools would bring us. A decade on from its original release and on vastly superior hardware, Halo: Reach's creative tools could be truly pushed to their limit. It's my view that The Anvil's latest Map Feature perfectly captures this.

The Truth & Wreckage​

Created By: Mr Dr Milk & Rabid MagicMan

Recommended Players: 6-16​

Inflammation as a gametype began to gain prominence early in 2020 as an evolution of Reach's two setpiece gametypes - Infection & Invasion. Adding objectives to the already very popular linear style of maps was an obvious next step, partially achieved in H2A with Flight. This new mode, thanks to its creator Trustysn00ze, would proliferate around the community and inspire many to create maps. Variants would later follow that expanded upon the gametype, introducing generator objectives and eventually Rabid's Winter Contingency mode.

With the addition of object scaling, we land at Truth & Wreckage. It's one of my favourite infection maps and is so aestehtically striking that I'm still surprised everytime I play on it. Forging a believable Covenant interior inside of a giant scaled-up Seraph is something I never thought would ever be possible in Reach. The layout of the map itself is farily simple: a basic linear progression from point to point. While not the most inventive in this sense, it works well in a large CGB lobby environment where communication is rare.

Escaping the Cell
Hallway Fighting
More hallway fighting
Exiting the ship

You'll all have to apologize for my photography skills for this feature. Theater mode is a nightmare when controlling the camera within a scaled object. Anyway, as you might notice from the last picture and the original map post that humans actually exit the ship. I actually find this to be the most impressive part about the map. The transition is smooth and from the outside it genuinely looks like a crashed covenant ship. Again, scale is used heavily on the exterior - with Forge World basically unrecognizable with the clever use of rocks and sand from the Thorage pieces.

Last Man Standing

For me, Truth & Wreckage is a new staple for any customs lobby. Inflammation always goes down well and is casual enough for anyone to enjoy. Most importantly though, it provides that unique setpiece experience. There's traces of Halo: Combat Evolved all over this map, which is obvious by the name.

Mr Dr Milk has made a lot more than just this one map, with a couple already uploaded to The Anvil (and surely the rest to follow soon). Hopefully if Infinite Forge ever drops, we'll get to see his creativity there too.

And that's it from me today again. There's been a bit of a delay with this feature, but we have another one already lined up for the next few days. Make sure to check out our recent Roadmap post to see all the content coming to The Anvil in the next two months.

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Rabid MagicMan

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Aug 25, 2022
This map is an absolute masterpiece. You'd be hard pressed to find another Forge World map which looks so distinctly non-Forge World; hardly a spec of forerunner grey, sea, or grass on the entire map. The gameplay is also pretty unique for a Winter Contingency map and fun too, especially when the infected elites get access to ghosts, wraiths and jetpacks in the wide open desert at the end. My absolute favourite thing to do on this map is splatter enemies with covenant crates in the tight corridors using the concussion rifle :devilish:🩸

P.S. Berb has credited both me and Milk for this map, so I should point out that the forge work is all Milk. I just made the modded gametype (and added some features to it which are needed for this specific map).
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