Map Feature WW1 - "Up & Over Chaps"


It's a whole new type of warfare, boys. Gotta be careful.
The "Trench Warfare" Custom Game has been a staple since its inception with Darth Human and has been developed since the release of Reach to the MCC. The first significant evolution of this gamemode came with The Somme utilising the new forge palette and expanded budget to "de-Grey" the aesthetic of the map and better immerse the player. So, I'm pleased to be featuring this map which represents another huge improvement. This map masterfully capitalises on the advances of scale and game-typing - culminating in a custom game with the greatest immersion and strategy yet seen in a "Trench Warfare" Experience.

WW1 "Up & Over Chaps"​

Created By: PopeRingWorm & Rabid MagicMan

Recommended Players: 6-16​

Let's start with the gamemode created by Rabid MagicMan. He utilised RVT to create custom scripts facilitating many of the features you'll come to know by playing the map. Built on Invasion as a base the 3 phase attack/defend setup is also inherited. Generators are also incorporated into this gamemode which provides the objectives for the first phase. For those unfamiliar, early on it was apparent that the generators from firefight were added to the forge world map files for use by gametype scripters. Whilst the object is not used here, the supporting UI elements and is the 4th invasion objective available to invasion forgers.

As discussed in previous posts, the removal of flicker and the widespread use of scale presents a BCE/AD divide in the Reach Forging community. Up and Over falls in the latter and puts this new tool to work efficiently; making the player forget they are on Forge World by creating a new backdrop. (Earlier generations of Xbox and old PCs may struggle to render this). The Scale is also used within the map to plaster flat surfaces with texture or upscale objects for new purposes. Using scale in this way can be tricky as the forger must line collision with these scaled object. Thankfully I am pleased to report that scaling is used tastefully and does not encumber gameplay. Heres a few snapshots to get the feel of how scale is used.

Phase 1
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Phase 2​

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Phase 3​

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Lets walk through this map so you understand some of the mechanics on display. I will be talking about the phase progression from the perspective of the British Empire - the attacking side for this map. Callouts and references will be relative to this attacking direction.
WW1  Up  Over Chaps Phase 1
The objective is to take down 3 machine gun generators positioned in enemy bunkers crawling with germans. The Brits are given 3 load-out choices: an officer magnum loadout; an infantryman AR loadout equipped with sprint; and most interestingly a "Sentry" loadout with the ability to carry and deploy a mounted machine gun! The way this works is you spawn and find where you want to deploy the turret, then press the armour ability button to deploy the turret directly infront of you. You can then either rip it off, or enter it and press down on the trigger to spray lead at the Hun. The tank will be single most important bit of kit for your team to master throughout the match. It acts as a mobile spawn point for your ENTIRE team. So hop in, grab a gunner and break through to spawn your troops behind enemy lines. The Jerries won't see it coming!

Phase 2
Use the tank to crawl over NO MANS LAND and bury it into the objective trench. Troops will start pouring out and capturing the objective. Use the tank machine gun to keep the Germans pinned and take the sentry loadout to deploy more turrets and hold the line! Be careful to avoid incoming artillery fire from the rocket pod on the ridge as well as the blistering enemy bunker machine gun fire!

Phase 3
Grab the bomb spawning in the furthermost trench and push deep into enemy territory to blow up their command bunker and secure this sector. Use all the skills you have learned through attrition and park the tank in a hidden place to provide an anchor for your entire team. Choose agressive grenade heavy loadouts and support the bomb carrier as he plants the bomb. This will be the hardest challenge so far and expect a bloodbath in that control room as the Boche fight for every inch.

So that's it! Hopefully I've given you a taster of this fantastic map and mode. I commend the creators PopeRingWorm and Rabid MagicMan for creating my favourite map from the Rampant Cartographers yet! Check out the original post here!

I'll be continuing to bring you features just like this of the best maps and modes out there, so make sure YOUR map / mod is uploaded to the site to be in with the chance of a feature. In other news we have The Anvil Undead forge contest which is picking up steam and recently had its prize announced, sign up NOW! I'm also working on a surprise project for all you invasion forgers out there, stay tuned!
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Aug 7, 2022
This guy went ahead and made our map look like a noob's first map.

Seriously though - I was blown away when I saw this map the first time. I'll have to bring my A-game in Infinite and remake the Cape Helles map from BF1.